PVE vs PVP Lore Challenge Criteria

I am after ISIC’s amazing Come at Me taunt ("Come at me! I BLEEPing dare ya! :smiley: ") and I was wondering if challenges like this

Kill 250 minions with Plasma Dash.

mean only PVP fodder, or any npcs such as the Verelsi or thralls?

The reasons I ask are that it hasn’t really been that safe to use his charge to clear waves in the gamemodes. This usually gets me killed. I also noticed that Battleborn with “Win X ammount of matches…” seemed like they would only apply to PVP, but I got El Dragon after a PvP win as an LLC, but I’ve only won 3 games as an LLC in pvp. I did the other 2 in PVE.

I have been trying to farm the M1 bots in the Ocuban or w/e its called mining facility (which is what the lroe slice is about or referring to) and for this particular challenge the answer is yes. Yes using ISIC’s plasma dash on the PVE minions here does add to the tally for the achievement that unlocks the “Come at Me, Bro” taunt.

Also it’s impossible to overcharge his dash for hat added damage. It’s bugged

I really believe his dash is the weird part out of his kit. It almost doesn’t belong. Which is a shame because I like this thing I’ve been doing with it.

Its damage doesn’t read to me as worth using to initate or for damage.

If you get his 2 second stun on it and his ball wards at level 2 it can be a very devastating initiator.

I guess I gotta move out of my anti-projectile comfort zone to give that a shot. My theorycrafting has been rather uncreative because I totally didn’t figure for this.