PVP advice for everyone! Everyone dies.....wait a min

I posted a couple QQ topics and now I just wanted to post a light hearted helpful tip to anyone. The longer the game goes, the more you get punished for dying (usually). A level 10 I think has to sit out 30+ sec. Even if you are losing early, later on in the game things can change drastically if you kill someone. Their team is down a player 30+ sec which should give you advantage to gain back the lead.

Some games are hopeless, but stick with the close ones because all it takes is one team to make a mistake and the tables will get turned quickly.
If you are losing 499-11 in meltdown it probably doesn’t matter, but 250 to 300? it sure does.


I’m pretty sure that your respawn time is based on your score, with higher scores meaning longer respawn times.

In Meltdown yeah.

In Incursion you are out of the game 60 seconds lvl 10.