Pvp Alamo-7 legendary

Alright, so theres a gear piece legendary called the “Alamo-7” the gear gives the wearer immunity to damage for 5 seconds upon reaching 10% health, with a 60 second cooldown after activation. That is waaay too unbalanced, ran into a group (I was solo que’d) that had a miko with it AND a Galilea with it. Now i already knew we were going to lose even before the match started and thats alright with me, i just wanna play win or lose, but i lliterally couldn’t do anything.

I’d focus Miko and destroy her myself easily (Had miko in its last breath multiple times), but that darn Alamo-7. Just my experience with it, i just want this to be known.

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1.5 seconds invul is already generous and here we have an item that gives it to you for 5 seconds with no real downside. The cooldown is even long enough to come back by the time enemy can ult again.


I hope it gets nerfed soon. The stat is even perfect for a tank item.


The real red flag here is how so many people think you can tell you will lose before you even start. With a mindset like that, everything will feel like a brick wall, legendaries or no.

Where the heck does Alamo-7 drop from? Is it just a random drop in story mode or out of a purchasable gear pack or what? I don’t understand why I can never find legendary items… out of the 1000+ pieces of gear I’ve found I’ve only found ONE legendary item… wtf. Am I really just THAT unlucky? Even if I play on Advanced mode I don’t find legendary gear.

Where the heck does everyone keep getting legendary gear from? It’s easy enough to get the Legendary Lore hero specific gear but I want to find some friggin legendary gear on my own! I mean… people have said that they find a lot of Legendary stuff from Roque gear packs… well I’ve bought like 20+ of those things and never found a legendary.

How is it I have found tons of gear pickups but basically never get legendary stuff!?!?!?!?!?!?

i don’t expect a bunch of randoms to beat a pre-made, that does not mean i’ll pull any punches, that is my mind set but doesn’t mean im going to accept defeat without giving it my best shot.

2 seconds max. 5 seconds of invul is broken as hell.

Alamo according to the legendary drop info list people gathered, is from loot pack only.

So yeah, it’s the Legendary of all Legendary.

I found quite a load of legendary from running advanced. I guess it drops like once every 10 runs, which is roughly about the same rate as the Epic Loot pack to random all legendary.

This item reminds me of Rogues in WoW I think in WotLK. They had a talent(?) that allowed them to cheat death for like 5sec. Mechanics like this should not exist in a game where fairness and balance is trying to be achieved.

This legendary is worse than the d@mn MX-Shepards OS’ing players as they about to die. Personally, I want to see this and items like it removed from the game. Even the items that negate a skill once every 30sec need to go.


Do you have a link to the list of legendary drop info that you mentioned? Where is it at?

The Alamo drops from ISIC.

Also, I don’t think it’s that much of a problem. If you see that somebody has the Alamo active, make sure you burst him down before he reaches 10% OR prepare a stun or other CC to keep them from running. That or play defensively till the 5 seconds are up and finish off the last 10% of their health.

Also a good Sniper kill on them can also work. lol.

I’ve heard it will still work even if the damage dealt surpasses 10% health. For instance, your at 400 health and you get ulted, the ult is suppose to kill you, but instead your at 10% health with 5 sec of immunity.

Hmm, I can’t confirm this or not. I know that if it is an Ult that deals small amounts of damage over time (like Wraths Spin to win or Toby’s laser etc) then it will stop once you reach 10% BUT if its a single attack that does enough damage to get a person from >10% to 0 in one shot, I think it works. I think Thorn’s Ult has that property? Maybe even Benedict and Caldarius?

Edit: Also Marquis! I know I’m forgetting a Hero or Two.

Not sure. This needs to be tested though.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jCtaqi7rVrfAuqq-FXtWv1YJqV03Xt9LhMcGnYf_7iw/mobilebasic .

Someone mentioned a day ago that it drops from ISIC so it’s time to go farm there now.

Just ran into a premade that had three of the players with this gear. They were mostly garbage, but won by virtue of this item alone. Seriously, whoever signed off on putting it in the game needs to be canned asap, before they can do any more harm.

use melka. legit. her poison lasts 8-12 seconds depending on your build

Heard this was nerfed yesterday. 2 sec every 120 now?

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I got it from killing ISIC

Those sneaky, sneaky, people. They nerfed it without saying anything, lol.

Yea, It’s 2 Seconds now every 2 minutes. That’s pretty awful now. :confused:
At least they could have kept it every 60 seconds like before. Ugh.
Such a good item gone down the drain.

The devs are probably embarassed that it got through QA. The item is still anti-fun. I’d rather see it at 1.5 seconds every three minutes or removed entirely.