PvP: All Game Modes: Nerf & Buffs for Battleborns

Asking the Devs. to implement this (assuming its not implemented already)

So people who play certain characters and take on other characters and that’s when they say “Either my Battleborn NEEDS a BUFF or the other guy NEEDS a NERF.”

I hate that sense of gaming logic, since it could also mean the other player knows some tricks using them so its not the Battleborns fault OR “the person” who is saying NERF/BUFF, just sucks at using their Battleborn.

So to tell whether or not a character needs a NERF or BUFF:

At the end of every game:

Each Battleborn is kept track of by:

-K/D as a sum of the community in their respected game modes

  • Track of Assists on Killing
  • Track of being Teamed up on when Killed
  • K/D as non-assisted kills of certain Battleborns, example (Whiskey Killing/Killed-by Galilea without assistance)

-The Player’s Battleborn overall Skill with that Battleborn (K/D, W/L)

Just from that information people and the Dev.s can see who needs Buffs, Nerfs, who SUCKS with that Battleborn, and who is SKILLED with those Battleborns.

Any stat based balancing is a bad idea until a ranked or professional scene is developed. Only stats of the pros or high ranked should be taken into account because some characters are plyed more frequently by beginners and therefore appear to be bad characters statisyically but may actually be very competent. I know you mentioned using players skill with the character which is the right idea but really hard to implement succesfully without some kind of ranking system.

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I can assure you, they’re keeping metrics.

If one character is statically dominant, or one helix option is virtually never chosen, or one PvE mission is never chosen, or anything is dramatically out of whack, it will warrant review.

That’s not to say that auto-nerfs/buffs will be issued based upon metrics. No no no. But those stats are being monitored, and further research done as needed.

This. It’s exactly why I’ve been begging for a ranked PVP game type. It’s going to be impossible for the devs to fine tune these characters without it. It also throws competitive players in the same mix as casual players. This is not good for the community.