PvP connection issues on PS4

Is anyone else experiencing issues? The server keeps timing out for PvP games. Haven’t tried PVE yet though.


Same here. Server time out every time.

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Probably everyone still downloading the patch and there’s no players out yet?

I am to. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

No. The issue is connecting to the server. I’ve tried to start the new op solo and still get disconnected.

Plenty of players. I’m finding groups quickly, but the server times out.


Well it wouldn’t be a GBX patch without introducing a new problem right?

Edit: Maybe harsh, I know GBX put a lot of work into this.

Same for everything on my end. Pvp, ops, tutorials all time out

FIX: back out to main title screen where you now see a large character portrait then try connecting again

@loving-hatred, you may be interested

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Much appreciated but now I’m attempting restarting the PS4 so far nothing has been connecting

I can go to the dojo. But that’s pretty much it.

I’m assuming other platforms are alright?

Update - connected but some issues persist

Xbox seems good.

I was able to get on last night but it took a while.
Bout 9 pm EST is when I finally got in.

I had over an hour of crashing. I was in the update by 6:30ET. and didnt actually get to play a game until 730ish and it was Story mode Renegade. Then after running that, I was able to get into OM op and Draft mode pvp. Issues happen but when the game finally loaded. The performance was amazing!