PvP: Could this idea work?

While I was playing a PvP match with a melee character I thought about if there was a way to have a third-person mode in PvP without affecting too much of the devs idea of having it in first person, or making it unbalanced, or even splitting up the first- and third-person players. So I was thinking if it would be a good idea to implement something that gives you a third-person view of your character for maybe 3-4 seconds and has a cooldown for about 30 seconds or more.

This would be really nice to have when you come into close combat with enemy players since it can be easy to become disoriented when you fight while you’re in each other’s faces. The time limit and cooldown is there to prevent any abuse of the third-person view.

To be clear, this would be a global ability that any player can use and would not be an item or something. Kind of like how we are able to recall to base anywhere and anytime, but with a cooldown and time limit. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the first person aspect of the game and I think it’s great but having the ability to see in third person in short periods of time every now and then would, in my opinion, greatly enhance the gameplay experience.


– Mr. Style

[Edit] I have an exact same thread here, which is the original. I thought it didn’t get posted so I made a duplicate.

Im having the same problem with getting disoriented during melee fights, escpcially against ranged characters.

Kinda like the idea. I don’t think the right dpad is being used for anything.

Melee characters in first person is a bit awkward…I just don’t think a full 3rd person view would be good or fair.

Maybe a very slight increased viewpoint? Just enough so you can see everything directly around your character? Idk. This is a toughy.

Otherwise, just gotta keep those punches swinging wildly. lol

I was thinking a view like the one you see when spectating a player after you’ve diedd and the character turns with the camera so you can’t look behind you.

And if you put like a limit on it, something like you can only see in 3rd person once a minute for three seconds then it doesn’t seem like it would make things less fair?

Just add an effect showing that he’s using the ability, and I think it would be fine.

Like some kind of glowing effect around them when they are using it?

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Yeah I think it’s a lot easier to play as a ranged character in this game because it’s easier to see what happens in teamfights as a ranged character than a melee

Or maybe it could reveal you to the enemy team while it’s active, because you’re “cheating”. :smile:

Hahah that’s a pretty good idea actually. Because you can always see around corners and stuff in 3rd person, so getting exposed while you’re in 3rd person would prevent having that advantage of peeking corners and it would possibly stop any spamming of that ability.

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I just don’t think something like this is going to happen.

This is another Gearbox Genre blend, and I don’t think they will stray from their FPS vision for this game.

With that said, of course it would be great if they did this. I have been playing a melee character a lot, and it’s frustrating closing the gap, landing a hit or two, then getting disoriented, and having your target escape. This happens to me quite a bit each time out. I’m getting better at keeping my orientation, but it’s definitely a work in progress. If I had a 3rd person view I would be able to keep my lock on my target and probably finished them off most of the time.

Maybe they just need to make it so that all melee attacks are auto-aim/auto-lock like Ambra’s healing beam…that would allow melee characters to close the gap, and if they get disoriented for a second it won’t cause them to loose their target. :rolling_eyes:

Anyway, yeah it’s much harder for melee in 1st person, and you won’t be able to maximize your attacks as you could if you were in 3rd person…but I don’t see Gearbox moving away from 1st person for half of their characters. Perhaps they will figure out a way to balance it…and perhaps with the amount of damage/attack speed of melee they feel as if they already are on the right path.

Yeah I think you’re right, I don’t have such high hopes for the devs to implement something like a 3rd person view. But IF there is a slight chance it gets into the game, then I think my idea is the most balanced way to do it. But that’s just my opinion.

But since you said it’s not likely they will put a 3rd-person view into the game, I started thinking if they could then put something like a mark on the target you hit with a melee attack for a couple of seconds and that maybe happens on your first melee attack and then every 5th or 6th melee attack after that? And you can do this with all characters and not only those who use melee as their main attacks. So if the target teleports behind you (like Phoebe) it shows you some kind of indicator of where they are, like a blue arrow on the screen or something. It’s kind of like a damage indicator but it shows you who you are aiming to hit and not the other way around.

This way everything stays in 1st person and also makes you want to go back to it every time. Because right now, for me, I can’t have a melee character as my main because it can get frustrating to play since you lose your target a lot easier than playing with a ranged character. So I always go back to someone who has a little range on them.