PVP Etiquette for new and old BB playerss

ive been on a surrender team where we are winning by a large margin of points and we lose a sentry first…what the hell is that!!!

OMG another thing I forgot to mention. THANKS. When you are playing with snipers, DO NOT WALK DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEM. Far too many games I played where I’m aiming and someone makes an L shaped move directly in front of me…


Or block shots. I’ve been kleese plenty of times, and im mindful of my place by my team most of the time, trying to make sure they can back up easily, but when i get a chance to fire at the enemy team and all my limited shots are body blocked by a teammmate it’s only reducing my usefulness :stuck_out_tongue:
Sure, i could float, but then im a target, and if idie, all my rifts go with me :o:

Same with melee chars - if possible, go to the side of the enemy when able (don’t get yourself killed obvs) so ranged damage dealers that arent accurate enough for crits can get more of their hits in (think of all those poor montanas)

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don’t insta-pick a healer if you don’t plan on healing. (especially Miko)

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masters of thorn with overshields are noobs and only truly dangerous at lvl 5
you must taunt every kill with montana
5 man teams that passively farm kills all game and wait until the last five minutes to do what they could have done in first five minutes are bitches and ■■■■■■■ and should be reported

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Try not to taunt the other team if they are losing badly or they have people who have disconnected.

Don’t take all of the shards if you already have all of your gear activated and the rest of your team doesn’t.

(Incursion-Echelon) Buy the accelerators near your base if you have the shards. Allowing your team and the minions to get back to the fight faster is a good thing.

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Nope. bad advice. By the time you get there your ally will be dead, and those two people will then gank you 2v1 as well.

That assumes your ally is a potato and is incapable of running away. If they are new to the game and are trying to fight two people at once, then yeah, don’t go to help them. Afterwards, however, you should try to give them some advice on when to engage and when to run away.

I taunt when A; I kill someone who should have lived against me, like engaging someone with full health when I have half, or when the kill is particularly nice like perfect body blocking etc. B; when someone does something really stupid, like jump down from the ledge in incursion solo into the whole enemy team and gets melted. C; every time when it’s the character I’m playing from the opposing team.

I laugh at people who taunt a kill they didn’t even earn, just got the last hit in on. When you have 20;1 and finally get killed by someone 1;20 ETC. It’s just sad and makes me cringe for you, don’t be that guy.

Don’t forget that some of the people who play this game could be young kids. That one kill they got on a skilled player might be a major achievement to them. Otherwise, I consider it funny but not sad. The reasons you listed for taunting seem to be when I would taunt—if I were to taunt at all :slight_smile:.

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ok, i’ll rephrase…If you aren’t doing anything and you are close enough to help…LOL

LOL, I generally don’t taunt. BUT if you taunt me after being tagged on by 3:1, and then I nuke you the rest of the game, I’m going to taunt you then. I’ve killed plenty of people before, no need to showboat.

Also, if I get an exceptional kill via some bazaar circumstance i’ll taunt. I was playing Whisky foxtrot and had a Thorn at the other end of the map hitting me. I launched napalm grenades as far as I could and I couldn’t see him. He blew up. It had to be done then.

Speaking of pinging, how do you turn it off if you accidentally hit it?

…it’s not a want, it’s a NEED.

I MUST taunt.

Caldarius’ 1st person boot to the face demands it.

It’s too badass to pass up any opportunity.

I’m sorry.

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request granted.

Ahhh. Taunting. I do enjoy a well-placed taunt (Ambra’s Hot Stuff a personal fave, obvs) but it can lead to the unexpected.

I dropped a taunt as Phoebe after a double kill in a capture match we were losing horribly (think it was the only two kills we got!). Post-game, I received a message from one of the opposition I’d taunted advising me to “Get Wrecked”. Had to chuckle at that, but I’d clearly drawn some unintended attention…

LOL, get wrecked? I’m going to laugh at that one for a while.

We had a 100CR 5 stack and we were matched with 4 sub 20sCR and a 40ishCR, we were being nice and letting them get minions in so they didn’t want to rage quit. Then their 40ish managed to kill one of us and taunted, a little later he managed another and taunted again. We were already pretty much ignoring their entire team, but at that point we 100% stopped attacking anyone on their team except him. Any time he stepped out of the base turret area he was immediately stomped, for the rest of the game, which we made last the time limit by not pushing our minions at all (and clearing theirs)

I think the match ended with him @ 2k and 30d.

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LMAO, well that was mighty kindly of you guys. I agree. Taunting Karma has a way of coming back you at you. probably learned his lesson that game.

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