Pvp gear load out changes (suggestion)

In pvp all we should have a blank loadout… and all PVE gear is banned from PVP

But instead we have a selection of items for pvp to equip on our characters with shards we gather up and can upgrade the item we brought by using more shards on the gear choice we made before the match starts at the begining where nova explaining the fight

This way everyone will be equal this also makes it fair on new comers as most people will quit when they start tp see legendaries etc in any pvp map

What legendary is this powerful?

Edited as I misunderstood the meaning of the original post.

No its to prevent legendaries to be combined to increase the effectiveness to keep players alive in pvp maps

Also there is a disadvantage towards new players because they wont have gear that we players have farmed in pve to make PvP more easyier for us

Pvp loadout should have gear that helps with the objectives and not the character to make it a far game

This should be the standard loadout for pvp loadout only which is locked when u join a pvp match

-shard generation
-attack damage
-attack speed
-damage reduction
-buildable cost
-skill damage

All these will take 1 gear slot which u can upgrade further to enhance ur character to clear the objective so for example in pvp is i picked mellka

-attack damage (bullet damage)
-skill damage (venom damage)
-shard generation

Then with the shard u get u can upgrade the gear from white>green>blue>epic>legendary for each u picked in the lobby where nova explaining the fight

This will make it fair for all players becauae some stack legendaries which gives a huge boost to there allies

For example… Ambra can reduce damage…increase damage… And increase attack damage and increase the healing with 3 legendaries which turns characters hard to kill especially tide with earnest 10% damage increase which turns range characters into monsters especially montana as taking health damage with ambra sunspots gives him all of ambra buffs

I want a fair pvp mode where PVE gear is locked out and that everyone gets a pvp loadout for joining a pvp match where u have options to piick which gear u would like once u picked ur selected gear u can upgrade it and focus on the objectives rather then hoarding shards to get the advantage early game

Which PVE-gear? I mean, yes, now there are a few Operation-reward gear pieces, like “Arias Encore”, but its useless in PvP anyway (since it needs Op-points to get its 3rd effect)

Which gear would you classify as PVE gear? (Or is legendary gear = pve gear ?)

Sorry to bother, but I simply do not understand your idea… Could be my lack of sleep though :heart:

Also we alll know very well that a phoebe with stacking attack speed plus attack speed helix kills any character in the game extreamly fast

45% (helix) plus 15% + 5% + 5%= 70% attack speed

That is an insane damage right there where a new playing phoebe will have the basic 45% which is an assurd disadvantage already

This is what guild wars does with its pvp. It’s a system you’d have to have in place from day dot as introduction of this will upset all those who’ve battled hard for their gear. I do like this system and a no gear queue would be a good solution without alienation.

Every noob can grind pve just like i did, god i did it when pve drop was 7%.

Legendaries cost 1800 shards and buy 3 starve your team!! Even if phoebe has her 3 legendaries she will be outlvled and probably her team wont have gear.

Edit: phoebe alone cant win a match, she can get focused and forced to retreat by the other team with atleast 1 or 2 lvls above her that is 4-8%dmg


Hmm basically i want it like when u play a moba where u can upgrade ur gear items in a pvp match instead of having selected loads out made which u obtained from pve

Im thinking about the new players because they start with nothink

Compare a new player rath… Vs a rath with a custom loadout… The custom loadout rath will already have the advantage due to having higher and better gear then the new playing rath

Basically i want pvp to be fair that why basic gear should be the standard in pvp where u can upgrade it further and not have additional bonuses u get from pve gear to gain the advantage

For example

View on lowlidev.com.au

Raths sumtimes have this… Now if the opposing team rath is a new player he is imediately at a disadvantage because he wont have the added attack damage or health so the rath that have played for longer already have the edge

Second advantage

View on lowlidev.com.au

Oscer mike vs a new player oscer mike

Imediately the new player wont be able to recharge his shields when he activate cloak which

This is why i want pve gear to be banned from pvp and have set basic gear choice for pvp only

Should have 6 tiers to upgrade for pvp

Grey - 0 cost
White - 420 cost
Green - 720 cost
Blue - 980 cost
Epic - 1250 cost
Legendary - 1500

And the gains should be like this example say i picked attack speed whilst nova is chatting away

Grey - 3% attack speed
White -5% attack speed
Green - 7% attack speed
Blue - 9% attack speed
Epic - 12% attack speed
Legendary - 15% attack speed

This is what i think will make games more fair towarda new players because some legemdaries give large advantages over players who just started

I just want to bring players to the game more… and not judge base on what players have for loadouts already

Yeah, the advantage from legendaries is there, but they are crazy expensive.

Running 3 legendaries and to farm the shards you need in-match is something only very very few players do - because its not as badass as it might look on paper.

Here downsides of triple legendary loadouts and why most players don´t o it:

  • You starve you team by gathering all shards for yourself. Buildables/elite minions might not be built in time to push/prevent enemy push.

  • You´ll need precious time for shardhunting, while you should hold the line and destroy minions with yor team. This can enable enemy pushes.

  • you´ll have your gear running extremely late. In opposite a simple grey gear part can give you a big advantage in early game.

with the new changes on the Incursion and Meltdown mode time in lane is even more important, same for buildables and elite-minions. To run triple-legedary gear is simply not wise, and until now most know that.

another thing:

PVE is not so hard. I almost exclusively play PvE-missions, only on normal difficulty, and I´ve legendaries for days. And I´m not even a grindy player.

PvE is also ment for new players to gather skill & gear.
Not saying its a kiddie-pool, but I think its important to get comfy with a character in PvE first, to know the mechanics, movement, skills.
While you play 4-5 missions you learn the moves and you pick up some hopefully usefull gear. Thats 2-3 hours only to gather alot experience & gear for a good start in PvP.

Plus: You can get legendaries from lootpacks. You can get lootpacks by playing PvP through credits/ Command Packs. Legendaries are not PvE-exclusive, even if it might seem so.

I could go on rambling about the importance and glory of PvE, but I´ll spare you with it :heart:

PS: awake for 23 hours, I apologize for typos >.<

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K then… What if battleborn players wanted a competitive mode??? What would u do towards gear loadouts to make it fair between players :P?

In the tournaments I saw so far legendary, purple & blue gear were often banned and there were restrictions for blue/purple gear if it was allowed. But so far every tournament had its own rules.

Most competitive teams seem to ban legendaries as well, so yeah, I think in a Competitive mode there´d be such restrictions.

Your argument was based on a day-1-beginner, so I don´t really know if a competitive-mode would help a beginner to enhance his first experiences…
(Yes all start equal gear-wise, but the veteran has learned his moves to no end, while the beginner still needs to thing over which helix-augment to choose - not so equal in my opinion.)

To legenary gear in general, my perspective:

As beginner your eyes get wet and you imagine the carnage that orange things could evoke. Then you farm 100hours for perfect legendary gear. Then you realise you´re no beginner anymore and that triple-legendary was a bad idea from the start. You run a grey shardgen and green stuff.

  • thats basically my story.

Not what im suggesting

Basically i just want fair advantage in pvp so people can learn without being stomped left right and center

I got master mellka,ambra,shayne,alani, orendi but that dont make me a real mastet of them… yes pvp is about skill between character… if that was the case loadouts should be banned

While I understand what you’re getting at, this illegitmatizes hundreds of hours of work for legendaries and prevents the fun of builds

45% from a helix?

Well new players should be matches with new players also new players should play pve to learn some mechanics

@Ganjamira has it right
And there is a lot of things that your not takimg into account
When new players are going up against people with over 10k kills and 2k matchs usertheir belt, gear is the last thing they need to worry about.
I don’t believe there is any competitive imbalance in 99% of our current legendaries and most of the passive benefits don’t justify their huge cost.
The two gear examples you used are both highly situational and can be replaced with better and cheaper gear.

Randy already suggested that competitive seasons would have pre selected seasonal load outs

Say each gear tier had a number of points. White 0 points
Green 2 points
Blue 4 points
Purple 7 points
Orange 10 points.
As a rule of thumb for my self, I never try to have more than 15 or 16 points. Idk if this is appropriate to post here but I think it should be kept in mind. Depending on gear to help carry you through is a handicap anyway to me

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I like the idea of a load out limit. I had the same idea for tournaments. 1 legendary per loadout is more than enough. Maybe a shard cost restriction could work.

1 Legendary
2 Flawed Epics

1 Legndary
1 Epic
1 Flawed Rare

3 Epics

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