PVP glitch - Bot Player/6v5 Match

I didn’t even notice it at first because I was typing, it wasn’t until the other Deande actually was on my screen. But yep, there was a totally separate, SECOND Deande on our team, running around with simple AI. Not a holotwin, as she could deploy her own. And it still had my name, the teammates didn’t even notice that it wasn’t me until I pointed out I was across the map from them.

Anyone else had this happen?


I had this happen recently. The AI Deandes use all her skills - even her ultimate. It doesn’t seem to do damage but it does the full stun. It also has the same amount of health as the real Deande. It’s essentially an extra teammate. (Maybe not a great one, but an extra nonetheless.)

I do wonder if it’s limited to just one extra AI - I honestly couldn’t keep track of who was AI, who was a holotwin and who was the real Deande in the match I played, it was a little too hectic for that.

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lol yes, its known and i actually had it happen to me today.

pretty sure it was playing better than me that match, i was rubberbanding so bad i couldnt melee or hit my dash… throwing fans and ult was all i had going for me lol

yeah but what’s going on? Does it happen for characters besides Deande? Is it just glitching out how it spawns holotwins and accidentally spawning a full on bot instead?

It’s a known bug, but it’s pretty rare.

This bug got fixed a while a go. You had to ult lvl 10 left, then hollowtwin to create as ma y deandes as you wanted untill the server crashed.

Idk what it trigers it now.

glitching out IRL and this was your dream state while you were glitching. That would have been my first and only belief if it happened to me

Well, this bug didn’t get fixed, that one got.

You used to be able to do this with her ult and her left lvl10 helix, but that was fixed a while back. I’m wondering if there is another, more difficult, way of recreating it however.

I had it happen to me one time. I ended up stupidly dying to a sentry just as I popped my Holotwin. When I respawned though, I noticed that another AI Deande had spawned with me and began following me around. She then proceeded to get Thralls for the remainder of the match.

I don’t know if dying whilst cloaking actually triggers the bug or not but that’s how it worked for me.

A friend of mine told me that it happened to them while using the holotwin skill in the spawn room at the start of a match. Interesting to hear that you had it happen after a death.

Wow, that is frickin’ awesome!

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She’s the glitchiest Battleborn. But every glitch is a fun one.

…And that’s why I love her. :wink:

Speaking of which, I’ve found another glitch she can do with her ult. Although it’s not as great as being able to clip through walls.

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