PvP - How is character experience calculated?

I have tried looking at various statistics posted and still have no idea how to
Improve character experience earned during any of the PvP game modes. Anyone figured it out?

As far as I can tell the only thing that really matters is challenges and the length of the game. I haven’t noticed XP spikes or dips according to my gameplay and score. Think the best thing to do is go for quick games.

I could be totally wrong though

Are you talking about leveling the actual character… the level you take between matches?
Or are you talking about the 1-10 leveling of your Helix?

Actually, the longer the match, the more XP you get. Though I don’t know what gains more, a couple of 8min matches, or one 30 min match.

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I’m talking about the blue character xp. The helix leveling and command level (green) are other types. Challenges are marked as blue or green and most are green that I’ve seen.