Pvp improvements after excessive gameplay!

Hey Gearbox,

Before I begin let me just say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in battleborn thus far. Playing over 200 games and learning the new characters play styles along the way. The game so far has been rich in depth and fun to play even solo. But this isn’t without some problems I have witnessed, these problems are most likely the same in most PVP oriented games because well…people don’t like to lose, and if they are losing they don’t like the “feeling” of losing.

So let’s begin,

  1. The Leaver problem - This is something that will persist if there is no punishment system in play. Unfortunately to make a stable core group of players, (especially for new players) it is important for them to know that Gearbox has their back. As such, I fathom a punishment system similar to valve or LoL is in order. One that truly makes that person wait and waists their time as they did to the 4 other battleborners. In one recent game I played this leaving mentality occurred on an incursion map. 2 of my Battleborn partners left after about 2 minutes and my other 2 friends and I were left playing 3v5. In short, it was not a fun match and one that should have ended in not giving us a loss and punishing those parties who had left. Unfortunately, because nothing concrete is in play this will get abused, and for anyone trying to become competitive…well I understand their frustration.

  2. The Gear Randomness - This one is going to probably be a strange complaint but it is something I have noticed with the Gearbox Loot system. I am willing to accept that gear will be an integral component of the game. That being stated, what I find peculiar is the stat randomness found on particular non legendary items. There is one item in particular, the erratic shard generator which has an issue with this percentage randomness. depending on the hidden level of your item you can get gear that has 1.8 Shards per second at zero cost with recoil being a negative stat, or 2.1 shards per second at zero cost with recoil being a higher negative stat. Why point this out, because players then going to look for the max value stat, which appears to be obtained at complete randomness and for pro play this top end SPS(shard per second) can make or break item building, turrets, etc.

It needs to be a bit more marginalized because this randomness is a bit unhealthy. Or a new idea that came to mind is that if you want to keep the same randomness perhaps add a auction house in which players can by and sell items. It is the only reasonable excuse I could find for having different percentage variables on the same item.

  1. Ranked Play and Ban Pick implementation - If this game is to have any professional play system, I think it is necessary to have a ban pick phase of the game. All pick mode is great however, it allows people to try out new characters and establish new connections with heroes otherwise not played in a meta.

Ban/Pick is the only way to find out what characters are in the S tier ranking system, to figure out what compositions are incredibly overpowered or not so such that, when everyone was complaining about galilea but not realizing that galilea is average without miko, this problem would have become abundantly clear with this system in play.

It also just leads to a more competitive atmosphere.

  1. Helix Evolutions- Ok so this one I found a bit strange especially considering I assume a professional scene wants to be created. Now it is my conclusion that in able to get to level 12 and have all the abilities of a character it will take an excessive amount of time. The reason I say that is because of the implications that has on releasing a new character in the wild that can completely change the pro scene. It seems unnecessary to have to get all the way to 12/15 to get abilities that are in game, and if that level 12 mutation is important it could completely deter new players from wanting to level up that character fully.

My proposition, make all the helix abilities level 8, which gives a good amount of time to know the character fully, and substitute the skins accordingly. Otherwise it would seem that if a professional or anyone for that matter wants to understand the full scope of his/her/they/it’s (because miko) character, they should be able to start that in the beginning. If they stick with that character and trudge through the exp grind, they should get the cool skin variations associated with spending time and love on that character.

Anyways, back into Battleborn, because Alantis Morisette is released and this is the only time were people actually play support.

Sir Panda the Red