PVP is now pointless unless you're in a premade group

If you’re going to make a casual play queues for fun then make it so a team of randoms with 3 people under level 10 don’t get thrown against a 5 man premade of 100s.

Before the change i was around 50/50 when it came to win/lose ratio but enjoyed every game. Now every game in the new queue is always with at least 2-3 people below level 10 against a team whose lowest level is in the 70s. If this is “better match making” then I hate to see what you consider a worse system.

I love this game but it’s pointless to play pvp now without a premade and the player base is nowhere near big enough to support a system like that.


It kinda always was. This is a moba.

But yes they should factor in player level for matchmaking but how would they even do that if your group also has levels all over the place?

Tbh this isn’t an issue of matchmaking, its team makeup. This isn’t the type of game where you wanna just randomly queue up, its team based. So if the enemy is an organized team but you aren’t, that’s mostly just your own fault.

Random and low levels should queue up for campaign, not PvP.

It’s the ELO mainly. If you have a high ELO and in a premade it can take you about an hour to find a game in competitive. In spotlight it’s better but casual is so much faster.

The reasons why I do it. Also if I wanna troll. 5 supports capture yes please.

Even though the queue is named Competitive, it’s not necessarily high level play, if I understand it correctly.

I believe it matches players together with similar ELO ratings. So if you want to play with and against similarly skilled players, you need to queue into Competitive.

The Casual queue will throw you together with anybody, with the purpose of forming a match as quickly as possible, for the players that have difficulty finding matches all together.

The old system was a hybrid of the two: skill based matchmaking based on ELO, but with a large range to find players more quickly.

So while it was capable of matching you with players somewhat near your skill level, it could still be a total disaster depending on the opposing team.

Point being, you have to play Competitive if you want competitive games, and if you queue for Casual, then you have to take what you get.

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That’s the complaint though. If you want a competitive game, then queue in competitive. People want a casual match, and queue for casual, only to get stomped by pre-mades. I know not all pre-mades are uber competitive, or even that concerned with team comp/communication, but there is still a decent amount of people making these legitimate complaints. I cannot agree with you say that queuing for casual means “taking what you can get”.

Well, I would argue that it’s not their fault, but the fault of the matchmaking to pair a group of randoms against a full party team. Which happens a lot.
Matchmaking should prioritize pitting parties against parties first and foremost, and then fill in any free slots by ELO if possible.
You should be allowed to play a game solo and still have fun. Lots of people do, lots of people did before the switch-up.
It obviously wasn’t perfect before, but it’s much worse now.

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This is exactly right. @theamazingnny ignore the names and try the competitive queue. You will be placed with players of a skill level closer to yours.

More here:

I understand your frustration, but this was possible before the changes. This game is very focused around team work, and even a premade of lower skilled players, playing in a low skill environment will have significant advantages, regardless of their team comp, against a team of pugs, assuming they’re not all communicating.

The main issue prior to the change was that people were experiencing abnormally long queue times to find any game, so the main purpose of the Casual queue is to find any game, as soon as possible. Unfortunately for solo queuers, sometimes they’re against full premades. Despite it’s name it isn’t a simply a more casual queue.

I’m not sure if you’re looking for a more relaxed environment below your level of play for whatever reason or if you’re frustrated that you may have to play more experienced players. If it’s the latter, you need to be queuing Competitive. Otherwise you unfortunately do need to take what you get from the Casual queue.

I just want to enjoy playing the game in a relaxed manner. Not stressing over perfect helix builds and gear loadouts and feel like every game is tournament level competition. I’m a very casual gamer, this has been the first game I’ve actually tried pvp and enjoyed because it was that relaxed and enjoyable. I’m not alone in fearing the toxicity of online pvp communities, so battleborn was a true diamond in the rough.

You’re still missing the point. We’re arguing that we shouldn’t have to just suck it up and deal with what we get. I disagree that the matchmaking is the same now as it used to be, but we’re only arguing from our own experiences so that’s a moot point. I, for one, will keep pushing for a more casual friendly experience that this game offered me in the beginning.


Sorry, but you’re the one missing my point. Even though the queue is titled Competitive, it matches you with players similar to your skill level. So don’t think of it as a competition, think of it as being competitive to your skill level.

If this is your first game playing PvP, you would understandably be on the lower side of the skill spectrum, and so long as your ELO reflects that, you will get matched with lower skilled players who are more likely to have a relaxed approach to the game, but only so long as you queue into the Competitive queue.

Your ELO rating is a numeric value determined by an algorithm to assess your level of skill. Unfortunately you cannot see your ELO rating, but GBX has said it is there behind the scenes.

Because the Casual queue’s aim is to match people as quick as possible, you are more likely to be matched with higher skilled players as it does not try to match you with similarly skilled played and gets anybody as quickly as possible, so you would probably have a more enjoyable experience queuing under Competitive.

No, I got your point. I don’t need you to explain the difference between casual and competitive modes. I understand it perfectly. That’s not what I’m even trying to discuss with you… I’m specifically counter arguing that people who want a more casual experience and join a casual queue should not have to just suck it up and deal with what they get. They should either re-name the mode to something like “Quick” or add restrictions to the casual queue. I’m arguing for change, not just “dealing with it”, as such.

I’m going to assume that you didn’t intend any insult by this comment, but that’s a poor assumption. [quote=“Shield_Biter, post:9, topic:1539641”]
the first game I’ve actually tried pvp and enjoyed

I’ve played plenty of pvp before, just none that I found enjoyable

This is unfortunately simply a matter of a poor choice of words.

“Casual” is not actually casual, it’s “Unrestricted” by ELO matchmaking.

You are queuing for Casual and taking the word literally when they meant it to mean you are queuing for a game where you don’t care if you win or lose (because you’re probably going to lose).

On an unrelated note, I came into this thread expecting it to be a complaint about how premades now basically dictate not just map but also gametype in every matchmaking mode but Spotlight, which is my problem with the new system.

Wasn’t trying to insult you, just infering from your statements that you are a very casual player, and this is the first game that you enjoy PvP. Those are two statements that lead me to believe you’re less skilled than others that want a more competitive environment, and enjoy playing lots of PvP. And there is nothing wrong with being less skilled.

But sorry, you’re still not understanding my point despite saying you are. As @Master_Oddjob said, you’re seeing ‘Casual’ and taking it literally when you shouldn’t. But I wont try to explain it again as myself and others have already done so in this thread. I hope you have a better experience in the future, and recommend you give the Competitive queue a shot.

I’m pretty sure that the parameters for casual matchmaking are the same as what we always had. They COULD have changed it to try to balance out teams based on command rank – and honestly SHOULD have, instead of just dismissing it as a fallacy, which is ridiculous – but it’s the same as it always has been.