PVP lobbies still crashing FOR EVERYONE on XB1

This isn’t just a couple of people this is EVERYONE. As of tonight it is impossible to find a game. The crashes have been going on for a week now and apparently everyone has given up. Have been in a que for 2 hours, the best I’ve gotten is a 5 man team but eventually someone crashes. So little people are playing that it cant even find a full game.

Is anyone still actually maintaining this game or are all of the personnel at GBX just passing on the issue to the next person in hopes it doesn’t come back to them? I get it, I have a career in programming for the government, and honestly you guys are starting to make my department look like shining examples of hard work (note: we are all lazy shits and take forever to get things done, but thats because the people on the other end care even less than we do about deadlines).

Just please take 2 minutes to look into the issue @jythri I’m honestly convinced it would take less than 15 minutes to fix if someone competent actually looked into it.

What platform are you on? PC player population is dead as hell, you’ve no chance of finding a PVP lobby there without organizing it with people elsewhere.


GBX are aware.

If anyone is also experiencing this issue, please (a) file a support ticket and (b) continue any discussion in one of the two existing threads as posted by GUNZERKUS.