Pvp lore challenge poll

  • make assists count for challenges like kill ambra 25 times
  • get rid of PvP lore challenges altogether
  • enable slower lore progression in private match?

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Changes to the lore are coming in the next content patch. Challenges like those for killing Ambra in Versus 25 times are being changed so that they only require any combination of 5 kills or assists.

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oh alright. i saw a post about it that someone put in the dev talk or matchmaking changes but it wasn’t a dev so i thought it was just a suggestion but i just want to gauge how many people want it to make a push for it

No worries.

where did you hear 5 if I might ask. havnt seen any mention of what the new number will be.

Ideally make the PVP lore challenges possible in private PVP solo. Otherwise remove them, unless you actually enjoy non-PVPers spoiling matches by exclusively chasing lore and completely ignoring objectives or disconnecting when their challenge can’t be met.


I don’t remember where exactly, but it was either here on the forums, on the subreddit or perhaps during one of the Twitch streams that the developers participated in. I’m leaning towards the Twitch stream Jythri participated in during the Play With Devs event a while back. It might be from several of those sources as well. Some days I can remember these details but today isn’t one of them.

Good to know, thanks.

Where is the option to not change anything…?

i didnt put it in? why would you want that?

Maybe for the challenge itself - Some gamers love the grind and the satisfaction to beat a hard or long challenge.

yea but some just seem impossible and i cant edit it now anyways but i would be ok with reducing the number of PvP ones like kill ambra to 5 or 10

Kind of hanging out for them to decrease El Dragon’s requirement on minion splash kills.

I mean I’m up to about 480 with all other lore complete and lvl 14… Not keen to farm Algorithm AGAIN.

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Then it isn’t a fair poll. You aren’t including every possible option they could do.

Personally they SHOULD keep it the same, no reason to change it. Sorry that YOU can’t complete a challenge like other people that can. They shouldn’t change the rules just because you aren’t good enough to complete something the way it is.

No need to get all testy…yeesh.

The majority of people wanted the lore changes to happen a long time ago, its a constant topic on the forums. The kill 25 character lores are the biggest gripe with most people and the biggest one would be trying to kill Ambra. She is in almost zero games these days due to her being broken which leaves many people (myself included) unable to complete lore. It has nothing to do with “not being good enough” because that particular lore challenge has 2 steps to it, the first of which is LUCK based and can take weeks-months to complete. The second would be skill based since you do have to land killing blows but if you can’t find anyone to kill then it doesn’t even matter. Luck based challenges should never be in the game.

And before you say I’m not good enough I want to let you know that I do have over 200hrs in game and 9/10 characters that I play mastered. I am quite able to complete lore challenges but there are some that are just not fair.


im sorry that ambra is so dam rare and that if and when i do play with her on the enemy team which is a huge if she has that overshield ability to screw me over and its not just me that wants this changed alot of the community does

thanks sfg

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Well I don’t know what t tell you. I actually played 4 games today and each one had an Ambra in it. 25 Kills may be time consuming, but by no means is it “difficult”.

As I said, it relies entirely on luck. if the luck part of the challenge wasn’t part of it then you would be correct, it isn’t all that difficult. But just because you got 4 games with Ambra does not mean Its fair. I personally see an Ambra about once every 3-6 days and sometimes more. I do try to play for around 2-4hrs in pvp every day as well.

I’d have to agree, some of these are too difficult, especially if you hate PvP and are terrible at it in every game you play. Also there are many times where people don’t care about winning or losing and will just go after their intended lore objective or will leave the match if they don’t see the person they need to kill on the other team. Those people don’t really make it fair or fun for others who just want xp and want to win. I admit, my boyfriend and I have done this a few times and completely ignored trying to help our team mates. Ultimately we quit because it was too frustrating, timely and not fun at all.

For me it would make Battleborn more interesting if I knew some back story on anyone. I check the wiki all the time but no one updates it. So I would agree to make it easier or remove it/alternate option.