Pvp lore challenges change

in a battleplan they said that they gonna adress the pvp lore challenges cause they are way to hard to get. but when is that? next week? next month? next year?

Whenever the next full update hits, which hasn’t been announced yet. Check back tomorrow to see if there’s any mention in the next Battleplan.

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alright i shall do that thx for the reply

which ones are you struggling with? There are some that are HUGE pains in the asses, but not completely impossible. 3 for sure I can think to change, Toby’s, Benedicts, and Boldur’s. Some are waaaaaay too easy. Played Ambra for about a day. All lore unlocked…level 9. LOL Hers could be doubled and it would still be pretty easy.

[quote=“Masterblizak, post:4, topic:1540787, full:true”]Toby’s, Benedicts, and Boldur’s.

Boldur and Benedict don’t have any PvP lore challenges… Are you referring to their “grouping” challenges? They’re not that hard, honestly, especially since they can be done in PvE private games. You just need to ask people; there are routinely people looking to form up groups for it on the forums. Unless you’re ridiculously unlucky, you’ll manage it well before rank 15.

In addition to changing Toby’s, the devs have also said they’re changing all of the various “Kill X character 25 times” lore challenges to 5 kills/assists on said character (assists do not count atm). I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re going to reduce all of the PvP lore challenges by a significant amount.

I’m pretty sure that’s about how long the devs want it to take, if you’re not simply ignoring the lore challenges. For every character without a PvP lore challenge, that’s generally when I finish all of their lores (if not a rank or two earlier). The PvP lore challenges are annoying not because they’re particularly difficult (though they are for many people because PvP requires a vastly different skill set than PvE) but because they take a long time.

The longest of the PvE lore challenges can be done in 3 missions, at most; a majority are 1-2 missions. Some of the PvP challenges are going to take at least 10 missions (Ghalt’s 10 First Kills) while even the shortest require 3-4 games or so, realistically (Miko’s 50 assists; El Dragon’s 50 kills with his ult).

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He has 50 airborne kills against players.

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Gah >.< Missed that one. Thought it was being brought up for the same reason as Boldur (5 matches with 3+ UPR chars); Boldur definitely doesn’t have one though (I know this because I got his lore without ever setting foot in PvP with him).

Benedict’s “play with three Peacekeepers” is a pain. My last 10+ solo cue PVE missions had less then 4 players – usually two. My normal group has sort of left the game and we normally just played PVP anyway.

I’m not great at Benedict, but love playing him. Hence I won’t pick him if I think the match will be close. I would hate to ask three other people to choose a character to help me out, which drives a less than ideal team comp, and then not do well.

[quote=“Warhawg01, post:8, topic:1540787, full:true”]My last 10+ solo cue PVE missions had less then 4 players – usually two.

Which is why I brought up checking out the forums. There’s at least 1 recently active post for organizing a lore challenge group on the PS4.

Also, I would expect/hope that we’re going to have a healthy chunk of people running a lot of PvE this weekend, so it’ll be an opportune time to try and get a groups for those.

Alas, Steam. But thanks for the heads up.

i never said anything about them being PVP related. I just said they need to change. The idea of them should be super easy IF you can get people to join a team. Hell it would take like 10 minutes if you could get a team together. everyone could pick a corresponding person and then fail out right away.

Also, I think the challenges were designed to add play time to the characters. They aren’t designed to be done that early. Its obvious being that some of the challenges are way harder. Do you think realistically Ghalts lore can be done in 10 games? come on…Ive been playing nothing but PVP with Oscar Mike and a couple others for a month and a half. Sure, 25 Oscar mike kills is no big deal. When you go 5 or 6 games in a row with nobody picking him…

[quote=“Masterblizak, post:11, topic:1540787, full:true”]Do you think realistically Ghalts lore can be done in 10 games?

There’s a reason I said “at least 10”. For some people, it could well be nigh impossible to get that Ghalt lore challenge done no matter how many games they play. My point was that all of the PvP challenges take a lot more time, effort, and luck than the PvE challenges do.

Personally, I think it’s more likely that a majority of lore challenges were added primarily to teach proper play for a character (use X ability in Y way Z times); these are the good lore challenges. The bad ones, however, are added largely due to flavor (e.g. Alani has a very good reason for wanting to kill Ambra a bunch of times); it’s a good reason from a flavor/story standpoint, but a terrible one from a design standpoint.

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