Pvp Lore challenges getting changed?

So is this crappy pvp character challenge lore ever gonna change because half these challenges are getting ridiculous now I’m not grinding away trying to find an ambra or get 10 first kills with ghalt because it’s not the way I wanna play but I won’t the lore challenges for their legendary item, and I haven’t heard anything saying they are getting changed so was wondering what’s up with it all.


I hope they change this, but there hasn’t been any word that I have seen. I feel like a jerk when I go into a pvp match and just focus on the lore, or bail when I can’t get the characters I am working on.

That is the system that was made, though.


I won’t bail or give up if say Oscar Mike isn’t in the enemy team when I’m foxtrot but it does annoy me to no end, it either needs to drop the kills required or change it entirely

hmm what if instead of kill X battleborn X times it was simply play against X battleborn X times? that would make it soooooo much simpler and make it so you don’t have to chase that character everywhere trying to get kills and doing nothing to help the objective(thus feeling like less of a jerk XD).


The one lore challenge that will be a pain for me is Toby. Four of the five challenges I will manage easily over time, the fifth one is awful. You must get 10 double kills with his ultimate, if you didn’t know, Toby has one of the worst ultimates in the game. I’d like to see a change there to like 25 or 50 kills with the ultimate

I agree, with everyone but I don’t think it’s going to change. I only play capture, which is the quickest way anyways. I have some of those where I need another characte on my team too, so we could help each other out. If anyone is interested, I’m down, just message me. I play on xbox one and my gamertag is xxxdogson ( I know it’s a retarded tag, bit it’s meant to be sarcastic lol)

All this. Don’t force me to pvp, I will resent you gearbox

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Yes, this makes more sense to me. The odds are just stacked against you when you have to hope someone is playing the character you need to kill. It’s not a matter of skill but luck. There could be a player who gets 25 kills a game but never faces the BB he needs to finish the lore. Super hope it changes to play against.

It will most definitely change. This is too big of a problem not to fix. It makes no sense to have your ability to complete lore be entirely out of your hands. Gearbox are intelligent enough to know that, and I’m sure they’ll come up with something.

For me, finding an enemy Ambra is like looking for the holy grail…

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1 out ot 10 posts are about these challenges. At this point I just want GBX to respond. If they’re going to work on them, I’ll gladly put in another 100 hours. If they don’t care about the game state, neither will I. I’ll move on.

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From the last Battleplan. They are aware of the complaint, so now it just remains to be seen as to how they will address the issue.

Awesome. Glad to know they’re are aware. Let’s see some razzle-dazzle GBX!