PVP lore challenges

I would just like to vent some frustration with the lore challenges relating to PVP. “Just play some pvp” people here have been saying all the time. So I did.

Ive just spent the last 5 hours trying to get the Whiskey Foxtrot “Kill 25 Oscar mikes” and it’s about to make me ragequit the game. Ive gotten 1. First you have to wait for someone to actually play Oscar Mike on the opposing team, then you have to make sure they aren’t hiding in the back row, afk or my favourite a teammate swoops in and steals your kill.

I really wanted to like this game, but as a completionist? Just about done.

Edit: Why not allow challenge progress against bots? Like every other game out there now?

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These “kill 25” should be changed. If played honestly they may take forever.

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Challenges weren’t meant to be completed in a day.

By that logic with 125 challenges not being able to be completed in a day I should only play battleborn and no other game for how long?

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For me I want to play and complete a challenge / unlock / quest / whatever when I want to.

So if it is the middle of the night, all my friends are asleep and you need a fireteam the game needs to have matchmaking or built in LFG.

If my ISP is having a bad day and my ping is through the roof so matchmaking is not finding me anyone then I want the kills I get in single player to count towards and challenge.

It is not I don’t want to play PvE or PvP but whatever one i do decide to do there should be ways of achieving the same end results and unlocks. Especially when it is actual playable game content.

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Yeah Toby has a challenge where you have to self destruct and kill 20 enemies. You don’t even get this ability til level 7. Then one challenge is to get 10 double player kills in a match with core discharge.