PVP lore unlocks, specifically Ghalt's First Blood

I’d like to unlock full Ghalt’s lore both for the legendary item and for completion’s sake and I don’t play pvp.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t just want to start whining, I gave it a fair try. Tried to play pvp all night, all game modes and maps. And not just frustrating over everything but patiently trying to learn from others by asking what to do and by analyzing what they are doing, why I died, what I should’ve done instead, etc, even while my team verbally abused me for having 15-20 deaths (yeah) and being rank 46.

I immediately understood why people were asking to remove the ability to surrender as you have to constantly open game menu, scroll to “vote no” or whatever it’s called, over and over again. If you miss that vote, you’re going back to the matchmaking queue that is far from fast on finding teams.

Frankly, I didn’t buy this game for pvp, couldn’t care less about it in shooters. But all right, you are forcing me to do it. Screw me, but you’re hurting the community that way, because I’m A, taking away the allegedly OP character Ghalt from people who could’ve actually done something useful in a fight and B, taking space on the team in general and being a liability.

First blood? Seriously? Ten times?

P.S. Incursion maps drop my fps to something like 10 (ten), on GTX 980 Ti.

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It’s apvp based game, story was not their focus. I’ll be the first to admit the lore challenges suck monkeys, as Toby is my favorite (I’m 2/10, woo) but that is the nature of the beast.

Welcome to the hell of wanting to learn the Lore of characters. This is easily the worst decision they made with their game design.

They’re just frustrating otherwise happy PvE Players by subjecting them to the horrors of their PvP system, instead of letting their Players just play their stupid game.

A PvP Player can go in to Story Mode Solo and finish Lore challenges there to get their character’s full Lore, if they care, and Legendary. And yet a PvE Player must go get it pushed in by the PvP experience of this game, just for the same luxury. Because… PvP! Argle garble garg!

GBX is just trolling their PvE players -
“How dare you buy a game with a Solo, PvE mode and want to play it! You should want to play online PvP ONLY, like Overwatch, but play our game instead! And stop with that pansy PvE!”

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Everyone wants entitlement.
Bottom line: this game is 50/50 PvE/PvP at best, though far more hours are in PvP.

You want all the unlocks? Play the whole game instead of cherry picking your favorite parts.

And Ghalt’s first blood isn’t that bad. The game literally tells you to get first blood. Just be aggressive early.

It works both ways. Three characters have hurt rendain in some way. Some are borderline impossible to get in pvp, like Kleeses black hole or Caldy’s blind. So people who get bored by pve have to do that too.
Agreeing that it’s a stupid design, just you made it sound like pvp players can suck it up and pve are suffering :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that the blade currently cuts both ways, which is just bad. But that PvP Player can at least choose to do that mission Solo in a Private game, where it’s easier, and they can do that right now. It’s not ideal, but it’s an option. PvE Players currently don’t even have that option.

And it’s not like it’d be much better if they did allow that. You’re still waiting for the bots to choose the character you have to kill 25 times. You’re still trying to hit 5 characters at once. But the bots aren’t devious, murderous, psychopathic blood spilling machines like your average PvP Player is. So it would make the Lore Challenges a lot more viable for PvE Players.

The way it is now would be like making all those PvE challenges only possible on Advanced Hardcore with a 5 Player team. Then it wouldn’t just be an annoyance for a PvP Player, it would be downright impossible for some. They’d have to wait until they got a great team, that also cared to let them get their Lore done instead of just winning, and that would carry them while they did less than optimal things in many cases to accomplish that Lore Challenge. Sound familiar?

Ahhh, I see your point. I thought you were just saying pve players have to switch, pvp don’t. My mistake.

If you’re good at PvE, you’re gonna be good at PvE, just regard the enemy players as bosses. Each has a list of strengths and weaknesses, many of which can be exploited by more than one specific “nemesis” character. Learning these will make you a better player in the long run, anyway.

I have a GT 560 Ti (very mildly overclocked) and have consistent 29-32 FPS (1920x1200, everything in graphics on Medium) according to EVGA. Can you maybe be persuaded to turn off 4K resolution and stuff?

That last issue of “battleborn battleplan” said they are reviewing the challenges, so now it’s just a waiting game really.

Easiest solution for your problem, as I have it with Atikus and trying to WIN on Echelon (if you thought killing Ambras was like trying to find unicorns… pip, pip, pip!) and any PVP problems like this is let bot matches count. Bot matches do reward experience, but they do not always count towards these lore things. If something allowed the bot matches to count, I could see this problem becoming less of a current catastrophe and more of a grumbling necessary evil.

The real problem is the lore challenges being so PVP heavy, true, but this solution is something that can ease the pain a bit like a bandaid.