PvP match recording

I was reading some posts about Kleese in which user cnfan was recounting his matches and discussing proper rift placement while using screen caps when a thought occurred to me:

Will there be a function post PvP match where you can go and watch a third person recording of the match?

We have ability to check out the outcome, ally and opponents stats, and see what quests we completed or are close to completing in any previous match we have played, but I think that an in game recorded match would be more beneficial.

It would allow you to study the match and ultimately learn from you past mistakes or learn from the actions of better played allies/opponents. Smite as a similar function and even allows you to tail any other players and see how the performed. I think it would a great learning tool for players.

Thoughts on any kind of in game match recoding?


Some form of top down at the minimum should be included if this game is going to have a successful competitive community. Multiple view types, 3rd person, first person, freelook etc for spectating would also help.

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This reminds me of theatre mode from SIGH CoD. And I think it’s a great idea.
On PS4 at least I know that you can record any game but only in first-person and you can only watch yourself, but what you’re suggesting would indeed help competitive players to learn more about the game and study skilled opponents, this is a great suggestion and I hope the devs take note! :slight_smile:

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Natural Selection 2 has a great spectating system if anyone is interesting in having a look, multi vews, drawing on screen, all the goodies that makes for easy commentating.

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They also need dummies in which you can practice gear/skill/and abilities if they hope to have a competitive meta.

that would be a nice touch, some form of training where you can just shoot bots and select lvls etc.