PvP mechanics while dead

I’ve been playing some of the new COD zombie game. When a player in your team dies they no longer just have to sit around and wait for another round to start. There is something for these players to do instead of just wait.

Is there anything Battleborn could implement during these brief periods of inactivity? Maybe operating a sentry turret or some mini game designed to generate shards or some experience?

Something like this could please players that complain about long waits during respawn and maybe add some comeback mechanic for less skilled players in unbalanced matches.

Any thoughts on the subject?


Wait times are less than one minute. That is not long. Get up and grab a quick drink.

I’m fine with that but when my friends die 10-15 times a match they get bored and want to play something else because of the waiting.

They’ll die over and over in COD PvP because they instantly respawn. I’m not saying that’s a good thing just something to think about. Giving players something to always do, maybe something geared toward players on death streaks.

Wait times are only long when you get to high levels. I’d much rather they focus on other things first, like matchmaking.


Match making would be twice as fast and much more balanced if they found 10 player and split them up. Finding 5 and then another 5 is what’s killing this game. You can tell gearbox didn’t have much experience with matchmaking going into this game.

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My advice is to die less.


I thought matchmaking happened before people died in battle? I also don’t see how this can help less skilled players have fun when they die constantly. Thanks for the input though.

Lol solid advice :joy:

If matchmaking was better they would die less. Sorry I know I’m off topic.

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A death cam replay would be cool or being able to control the camera but if you could control the camera and your team was communicating then you could give call outs while dead and that could be unfair.

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No worries. I’m just tired of reading about match-making haha

Those are good points though!

Agreed agreed agreed. They need to drop whatever it is they’re doing and rework matchmaking to function like this, no matter how much coding is involved (they’ve commented in the past that it would be difficult, I believe). There are more than enough maps, characters, modes etc to keep me entertained for at least another 100-200hrs, but the matchmaking is really starting to grate me and ruin the experience. The system was obnoxious even back in the CTT when I partied up with a team of 5 and we stomped 10+ very boring games in a row.

The dilemma will be what to do about premades. I would say just bite the bullet and split them. You can still lobby up together and the game will preference you to stay together unless there is a huge skill-gap, at which point your group will be split. This introduces issues about boosting, but I think that might be a tolerable price to pay.

Tbh I am just generally against premades in video games. It is a relatively recent phenomenon (I don’t remember being able to guarantee being on the same team as friends in any PS3 game), and it has really cocked up matchmaking experiences wherever it has appeared (eg. clans pubstomping in Killzone Shadow Fall). Disclaimer - I have recently started to play in a premade only to compensate for the awful experiences of solo queue. Now I still get bad, boring games, just… on the winning team. I want to be split up and have fairer matches, and to also have some banter playing against friends.

PS - sorry for continuing off topic; but fairer matchmaking would partially alleviate the boredom of being dead many times in a single match because it would be less likely to happen

I watch other teammates die after realizing I was the only reason they survived after overextending


Have you tried shot calling?

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This would be nice. Looking over your team mates virtual shoulders is OK, but I’d like to be able to at least pivot the camera as it follows. @Jythri, any chance this could be added to the list of possible improvements?

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Yes I do but this isn’t a thread about how I can be a better teammate.

Simply asking if it would be beneficial to give weak players something to do instead of staring at a respawn screen.
Idk why all these other suggestions about don’t die and matchmaking are being thrown around. Really, why ignore the whole point of the thread just to tell people to not die, get gud, use a mic? The question was about mechanics during respawn.

There will always be kids getting stomped by better players regardless of how well I play and they may want to stick around if they have something to do.


this is harsh, but let them leave. I am absolutely sick to death of bad decisions, and bad lack of decisions taking place to try to grow or save the playerbase. So far everything has done the opposite, right? It is time to start making some changes that are the opposite of casual in every single way and see what happens

People don’t like casuals therefore we can’t even talk about letting bad players, children, or significant others have something to do while getting mercilessly stomped by premades?

How can this possibly be a bad thing for retaining players?


Anything that could give you a possible advantage from dying is only going to upset the balance of the game. Maybe a killcam could be implemented without too much impact? But it would be annoying for cloaked characters having their hiding spots/attack routes given away.

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