PvP mode rotation days?

Just so I get an understanding of whats is going on… Quick Match and Bots are always running

Wednesdays are Solo/Duo ques
Saturdays are Versus Draft
and all other days are Incursion…?? again I am trying to get clarification on all of this and reading things in numerous places is difficult to get the proper information.

If this is indeed the correct rotation why would a Draft Versus be on a Saturday? When a lot of casuals play the game. This would mean that more Premades will go into the Quick Match in order to team up and pick they characters they want to play with.

Again if this is indeed correct wouldnt a proper rotation be a solo/duo que replacing Quick Match on Friday-Sunday, because the Quick Match game modes are also in the Solo/Duo mode. Keeping Incursion over the weekend would also be a wise choice instead of having the draft mode.

And well Draft mode… not sure about that or a proper day to have that be highlighted. A vote option before the game starts in any mode may be a good choice once all 10 players get matched up.

All set out in the latest battle plan: