Pvp mode time infinite?

Anyone want this as an option?

No thank you.

Personally I don’t want games that last for hours. Also it’s bad enough at times getting some players to stay in a 15-30 minute game without quitting, it’d be worse with no time limit.

Okay. But it feels like a lame way to lose when you have an exciting game and you lose it because you had a few percent lower on that sentry.

I like it like that. It means every point of sentry damage counts for something rather than just the last point of damage.

I really want incursion to not have a time limit personally. It’s so frustrating when you are finally on a huge comeback from being stomped hard, about to win and then the time runs out. It’s not satisfying at all and I feel it ruins the experience.

Personally I feel it unfulfilling even on the winning team (by points) having the match end prematurely to accomplishing the goal. I feel the matches should end naturally with an actual winner and loser, not by some arbitrary time frame.

There are those matches that are really close. I’ve been in a match where both teams had the sentry below 20 however it ended due to time. That was the most fun match I had been in, it was thrilling and exciting. Both teams were playing very well however it concluded anticlimactically and left us feeling like robbed of a good experience even though we won the match.

I can understand the reason to have the timer. I feel this mode shouldn’t have it, or at least have an option to queue for a version without it (however that will split the queue population even more and I know there isn’t enough to support this yet). I think it would be nice if the timer just wasn’t part of the mode and if a team didn’t feel like continuing there is the option to surrender.

Just my thoughts on it. Either way, I enjoy the game and will continue to play =)

think a larger problem is people wanting to leave after 10 mins if they arn’t completely owning the others, i admit if you had a good premade v premade team going that could be fun, Maybe make it a private option?

Its a double edge sword. It could increase toxicity.

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Yeah, there is a pretty large ‘surrender’ early on issue right now, that’s for sure. Hopefully this will be addressed in the near future as it does ruin the gaming experience for many. I don’t understand the desire to surrender so quickly or at all (unless you have an AFKer/Leaver and it’s not balanced) if you are losing. Don’t queue up if you can’t handle a loss. If the team is super good and stomps you, you will lose quickly. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something from the other team as far as play style, team composition, team work strategies, etc.

However the root of the post is about time limit on matches. I think it should remain for the other modes, I don’t like it on incursion. The other modes are about gaining points while incursion is about the actual destruction of Sentries. Regardless of how much HP the Sentry has, if it’s alive it’s alive but the winner is determined by the team that has the most sentry HP.

The goal is to destroy them. If both are still up, you’re both tied. There should be a natural conclusion rather than a time limit.

Again, just my opinion and I still enjoy it the way it is I just would enjoy it a bit more without it.

I wouldn’t remove it, but id be happy to see it put up even an extra 15 mins because i agree sometimes you get that large push with a min to go and just cant to enough

The worst is an incursion match that stalls at 50-100 because the losing team chose to finally wake up and rally. It’s like you hit a brick wall where they aren’t pushing but they hold their last sentry down.

Infinite time on that? It would be the first match I ever quit out of.

Thankfully I haven’t run into this issue but I can see how that would be very frustrating.

In this scenario I’d try to coordinate with my team for better tactical strikes, coordinated ulting or trying to time a big push with all Thralls and Elite Bot. Granted this is difficult to do with pugs but it’s something to try, maybe?

Hopefully as they fine tune their ELO system we’ll be better placed with like skilled players so as we as players do better we will be paired with other players who are more concerned with team work and working objectively rather than acting like it’s a team death match. As a result we’ll probably see less people leaving, surrendering and stalling as both sides will be playing a fairly good match.

This is agree with. I mean that was probably one of the best losing games they probably played lol. If they had more time, I’m sure their rally would have turned into a win as it was like my entire team (all random) just ran out of gas lol.