PVP or PVE (or Both?) And Why?

For me, PVP all the way.

It’s just intense and chaotic and brutal and fun.

PVE is very crazy and Fun, don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t get the adrenaline pumping like PVP.

PVP without a doubt. In this section, you go up against real players experienced or not while in PVE you go up against simple creatures…

PVP can increase your skill substantially while PVE cannot. Don’t get me wrong, it may increase your skill a slight bit, but not as much as PVP. It also involves more strategy and changes between cognitive decisions because each character has to cooperate where as in PVE, everybody can choose most likely what they want(even if they all choose the same char).

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PvP for enjoyment/fun .
PvE for gear.

PvP all the way.

PvE is fun to play through once, and then replay a few times with different chars, but there’s no real need to think about what you’re doing, it’s just a mindless affair. I don’t even care about gear or my build when in PvE, which is half the fun of playing really.

Plus you know, nothing’s more exciting than actual competition with another player.

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PvE as much as possible, though I do dabble into PvP for lore challenges, much to my groups despair.

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So when originally getting this game I prioritized it over over watch cause there was a campaign(seriously blizzard? 60 dollars for a game with no story mode and objectives that all feel like the same type of gameplay? Could you guys just ask anymore for a mediocre product?) but found myself drawn to almost exclusive pvp play. I will admit it was rather daunting at first, understanding the numbers and the skills And how they change(thank god for guides) but absolutely love it. Once the lootpocalypse hit I played much more pve to get legends and still play some pve for legends that aren’t max roll or that I haven’t gotten/thought I didn’t want at the time


I go back and forth. Lately actually more PVE. Matchmaking feels too long for me to just have to play a healer again. Although when a healer is chosen, I prefer PVP. I love supporting, but I’ve already gotten everyone’s mutations.

Almost 700 hours in PVE almost exclusively.
Did two matches in PVP, won one, lost one.
It didn’t make any sense. I couldnt figure out what i was supposed to be doing and i felt like i was letting my team down.

Maybe I’ll do private PVP some later but PVE is way more fun so far.


I enjoy both almost equal. The reason is that i enjoy the change up when either one goes bad for a bit. Say after a couple losses in pvp. I don’t want the losses to affect my attitude towards the game so ill go do pve for a bit so i can feel good again and vice versa.

I used to do both until the pop plummeted and I couldn’t get Capture or sometimes even Meltdown. No idea why Incursion is so popular.

Now, outside of a few lore challenges, I stay the hell out of PVP.

I really enjoy flipping from one to the other, I’m a later adopter and have reached command rank 37 last night probably gaining 9 lvls since the double exp week we just had, but with the need of gear and experience to level characters i spend a majority amount of my play time in PVE. I love the pvp and i feel like I’m constantly gearing up in PVE for the “big show” in PVP, It’s great that both modes feel so good and the contentedness feels solid too, I would probably play a lot more pvp if the rewards made it a viable leveling field or could farm out gear.

PVE only.


PvE only. For now.

Matchmaking and other technical issues aside in PvP, this mode simply does not offer enough credits for playing. My most valuable currency is my free time, and I calculate the value of the mode by how many credits I am able to get per hour. If I am getting next to nothing and happen to be steamrolled and going through immense amount of frustration due to continuous losses, poor combat performance, poor coordination (and I may be the one making a lot of mistakes for whatever reason,) this mode is no longer offering value for my time.

I can get extremely competitive in PvE or PvP games, but the most vital thing for me is how satisfied I am with the rewards (in this case, credits) after I donate my free time.

Thus, in PvE, depending on the mission chosen, I could get over 1000 credits with approx 25-30 minutes worth of time invested. Even the missions with less than 3 bosses could give me over 500 credits per mission after selling loot. If I get lucky, challenges reward you rare or epic loot packs. PvE simply offers a much more stable flow of income and so I could spend my free time wisely and not feel a second of it was wasted.

That is until the group votes for Advanced Helio and rushes to their deaths after seeing the 23 minute timer on screen. If you want to see your efforts blow up in your face, well, you can achieve the same agony in a much quicker way by impaling a nail through your eyeball.

Opening loot packs is a huge draw for me. It’s like opening booster packs after purchasing a booster box (with your wallet crying bitterly after losing its weight like it was torn away from it,) hoping that you find that one card or cards that would drastically boost the performance of your deck, but RNGesus always stands on the side that screws you. In the end, you and your wallet cry in anguish.