PVP players.. are you satisfied with GEAR reward?

Im PVP only type of guy…

so the ONLY WAY for me to get gear is to buy loot packs.

These loot packs (IMO) cost an insane amount of credits.

Ive probably purchased 20 epic loot packs and only got 1 legendary which is total garbage.

It seems every time i force myself to do advanced missions with people (best way to get gear right? or am i mistaken?) we always get absolutely mangled by the 500000000000 npcs thrown at us.

One time i did advanced heliophage for like 45 minutes then rendain killed all of us 50 times with his BS abilities… honestly i was pissed off.

I really do wish you could maybe just give us more credits or make the loot boxes cheaper… or something… please? I want some legendary gear too… i want cool gear that has beneficial stats… but as a PVP player i only get randomized gear at a very high cost.

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If you want good gear play on normal and speed run the mission they are insanely easy and even though it’s “harder” to drop a legendary I get them no problem on those missions. I play advanced for fun too and for better drops but a 3 man team is the best for those types otherwise it’s gonna be a hard time

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Legendary gear isn’t supposed to be easy to get. That is why it is classified as “Legendary”. I have 280,000 credits from PVP(about 650 matches so far) and almost never run PVE. If you enjoy PVP you’ll have more than enough credits for packs.


For me it’s all about the gameplay. The gear is just an extra. The gear doesn’t matter as much if I am having fun with the game as is. If the icing is all that matters to you then why bother eating the cake?

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Legendary gear isnt all its cracked up to be anyways; For less than 2000 shards, I get all my gear and the bonus 880 health it provides (Some on a timer, some flat gains). Thats a Mellka whos health can reach up to 2300. I dont need any legendaries if I can tank that hard with nothing more rare than a blue gear piece

Edit: Kaleidodemon, Im sorry I replied to you, Im on my phone so its a little convoluted on my screen and accidentally hit reply to you and not the thread ahahah


No worries. It happens. :slight_smile:

Just use whatever. All the legendaries are getting merged into the ground.


The legendary drops on normal and advanced are different, as another poster has helpfully documented before. If you want a certain one, you can’t just run normal unfortunately if it’s only in the advanced loot pool.

I wouldn’t mind seeing incentives thrown to PvP.
I mainly PvE unless a Lore Challenge says I need to be social.

Currently, PvP is a better source of Credits from what I’ve played than PvE for time spent.
PvE, however, does seem to reward more EXP for Character and Command Level for time spent.

If they want to work some way of earning Platinum in game, I think looking at dispensing it as PvP incentives isn’t out of line, provided it can buy more Loot Packs (that’s a dangerous comment, I know).

idk, it still takes a lot of time. I played for several hours for a few days and stockpiled maybe 10k, but that’s because I already have plenty of gear from pve runs and loot packs and got tired of trying for skins and taunts.

but yeah, I agree with the OP. pvp players basically get the shaft when it comes to loot and drops.

I don’t understand why there aren’t loot packs for PVP.

Imagine receiving an epic loot pack for winning.

It would give players incentive to actually stay in the match and stop surrendering.

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Yeah, would be a nice idea. Maybe something like repeatable daily missions or weekly missions that reward us for PVP matches won or certain player kills. There’s so much they can do with this game to make it even more enjoyable.

OMG THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA some1 get this man a cookie!