PVP points need reevaluation

I play PvP as marquis and every round I put all my crystals and efforts into support my team with drones and thrall back up while shooting the enemy from far away to drop some health when possible. This causes me to almost always come out with a lower score then my team mates even though I do all the behind the scenes work. I just wanted to state it because it’s kind of a bummer to be a team player and work hard a win to get reward with little.


what does ingame score in pvp give you in the end?

I work for the win, no matter the artificial score. if you do the backwork properly, and if your team can surf that wave you will win more often. there’s a slider on the statistics that goes far beyond kills, deaths and assists. But in the end all that counts should be you overcoming the enemies, not?

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In game score gives you more exp. And the scoring system does seem to hinder support players who are as important (if not more ) than the high kill count players.

I normally don’t play support for this very reason. I’ll do whatever it takes for my team to win though and if my team doesn’t have a Miko or good support , I play that role.


Now that is something I need a source to believe, first time I read this. Do you have a link?

transparency is needed @Jythri, pretty please?

Oh I don’t have any concrete evidence . Was just going by when I play well with a lot of kills vs when I play well at support without many kills. I could be completely wrong though.