PvP Queue needs more Incursion!

I’ve dodged 7 games in a row once trying to play Incursion! For the love of God! please change the queues so at least Incursion comes up 75% of the time or ideally 100% Incursion and Meltdown and cycle between Face-Off/Capture. The way queues are now more than doubles the time I’m waiting for a game!

  • People vote Incursion for a reason! it’s the only mode where there is the signature MOBA balance between aggression/defensive play, if you are more aggressive then you might get to kill a lit enemy but also run the risk of dying from pushing too far into enemy territory which is emphasized in Incursion by the sentries and somewhat by minion waves and buildables, and if you’re playing more defensively you may not kill enemies that are on the verge of death but you are more likely to save yourself from dying.

  • Also Meltdown, Face-Off and Capture increase pubstomping! This is because there is not much of a place to fall back to so 5-man CC comps can death-ball the enemy team and specifically in Meltdown can coordinate with their team to balance who they have in each lanes and use high CC characters to easily decimate the enemy team and ultimately camp at their base murdering any poor soul willing to come out of their base. While in Incursion the sentry protects players from the enemy team pushing too far up so solo players are more likely to be able to carry and good players can still often times go positive on bad teams

  • In 5-man vs 5-man teams Non-Incusion game-play is shallow like TDM and relies on how your team utilize their skills and CC in team fights or in 2/3 vs 2/3’s I could fall asleep playing TDM in any FPS so why would I want it in BB along with not being able to move half the time?

  • Players can learn how to get better at the game even if they are getting pub-stomped in Incursion by knowing that they died maybe because they pushed up too far or didn’t take down Toby’s shield vs in the other 3 modes learning nothing by dying from being stunned for 10 seconds or learning not to go out of their base because they will get slaughtered if they do.

PS: A couple days ago I was on Aqua’s team and was sick of dodging so we went 29 kills to 2 in capture because we wanted to end it quick so we could play Incursion. I honestly feel that dodging non-Incursion is helping the playerbase by preventing players from quitting do to total stomps like this so PonchoDaLegendaryPig is da savior of this game WOOOOOOO!!! :clap::clap::clap::pig::clap::clap::clap:

So you want incursion to show up more than the other. WELL to be honest I like meltdown more than incursion but I can agree that you can pubstomp on meltdown where it’s harder to do in incursion.

Meltdown is soooooooo stupid now honestly. The team that can spam Fat Bots better 99% wins. God forbid your team doesn’t have an Economy or 2 build present. An organized team can win with little to no effort on Meltdown against pubs and other teams who don’t go for Econ. builds.

It’s just really boring sitting through this whole thing. Then the laughable Finale.

Meltdown is ONLY good when 2 teams of EQUAL SKILL face each other. Meaning that both teams are good at focusing objective, spamming big bots, and killing players during the empty time between waves.



I thought the point of Capture was to capture points, not farm kills…? You’ll find that the game goes quicker when you focus the objective.

I want to hear your argument for how farming inexperienced players in Capture is “saving the game”, but i’m currently out of Tylenol…


Self inflicted wound. Also confirming what everyone already knew: PC squad dodges.

So how is 5 man comps running full CC stacks any less of an issue in Incursion? Because I’ve seen the same five man you said you were playing with run comps capable of 8+ second stuns all the time in pubs. It’s more of an issue in Incursion because it turns

Into pure defensive play where everyone just cowers behind their sentry waiting for the enemy team to make a mistake for 30 minute stalemates. Which I could literally take a nap in an miss nothing exciting.


yeah I hear ya, killing buildables and bots puts me to sleep and the finale does too when it’s close, espcecially on Outskirts because it’s so easy to turtle on that map as one time the whole enemy team got wiped but still ended up winning

Dodging queues is kinda selfish to me. Denying 9 others a match because you don’t want the mode? Now I think there should be an incursion queue, but come on…


Well atm Incursion is only showing up 50% of the time so it’s showing up less than the others. So yeah, it would make senses to do Incursion/Meltdown in every vote and do either Capture or Face-Off in every vote as these are more casual modes but at least have Incursion show up equally with the other modes (75% of the time).

If Incursion showed up every time, the game would be 90% Incursion.


You would think so right!?!? But actually I get mixed feelings because people are so bored of not being able to play Incursion so you could think of it as denying 9 other players a match, or you could think of it as saving 9 other players the pain of dredging through a boring as hell mode for 30 mins to then get into a fun Incursion match for 30 mins a few mins later

ikr!!! ^^

Look my man, not everyone loves incursion. That’s the thing. People like other modes too. Some like just incursion, that’s fine. But does that give them the right to disappoint everyone else?


I’ve consistently noticed that such seems to be the mindset on Xbox and PC for a lot of players (and i have been told that, at least on Xbox, it seems to be the norm). Morality is, of course, a matter of one’s own perspective; but PS4 players appear to be the minority on this issue, and that’s not to say that we don’t have our fair share of Incursion-only players. This is based solely on what i’ve seen on the forums, and the actual population for each platform may not reflect the majority opinion here.

On my own end, i’m so incredibly relieved that my Battleborn experience is on PS4, because we do appreciate all modes for the most part. It’s nice to play Capture again…


I’ll be honest and say that I agree with the OP’s general request, although he didn’t put it across particularly well.

The player base is thinning out and this means more lopsided games, more experienced players having to solo Q or be let down by those less skilled. It’s frustrating and is probably turning off the people being stomped and making the issue worse. Incursion is the most forgiving game mode.

I would just like to see an Incursion only queue and an everything else queue. Only downside I can see is the low number of players making the ‘everything else’ queue have longer wait times but the unsympathetic side of me just wants to say “told you so” to the anti-Incursion crowd.

Having said all that, anything would be better than only one queue.


I think you are seriously underestimating the number of people who didn’t like being sucked into Incursion 90% of the time when all there was to play was Incursion and Meltdown (because, let’s be honest, not enough people played Mini-Match after the first couple weeks to get a match of Capture or Faceoff in, especially with Supercharge being the “new flavor”) or the OP wouldn’t even have created this thread to complain… I think that Incursion should have it’s own queue as well (preferably with draft rules, in my opinion), but i think that the Incursion wait times would be just as long without all the people who like variety being forced to play in the same queue…

No argument there… It’s awful…


Played the same guy 3 times in a row… poor shabuir lost all 3 matches and was playing off characters the second 2 times I saw him

That’s sort of my point though. This argument comes up regularly and the same people who say that Incursion shuts out other choices also bring up this ‘underestimated’ playerbase who don’t prefer Incursion.

It’s either one or the other but now more than ever I really believe that a non-Incursion queue would have painful wait times. Suits me, that’s what people are asking for and they are welcome to it as far as I’m concerned.

I believe Battleborn should have focused a long time ago on what it gets right to keep a stable/loyal player base rather than all the queue switching, resources being put into novelty modes and trying to get ‘fair weather fans’ through the door. Coming across too cynical as usual!


If they refuse to make another queue, at least let there be an option for each game mode, with Capture/Face-off sharing a square. In my experience, Incursion usually gets chosen often, but every few rounds everyone will vote for capture or face-of. It’d be better than having 2 incursions and a meltdown nearly everytime.


Here’s the facts: Back when Meltdown and Incursion were the only two modes in Quick Match, there was an outcry from people who were unable to play Capture and Faceoff, and who were being forced to play Incursion 9/10 matches. The argument of the Incursion players? “Incursion is the most popular mode by a wide margin, why is this surprising? Go play Mini-Match if you want Capture or Faceoff.”

Now the tables have been turned, and the Incursion players, who attested time and time again that Incursion is the overwhelmingly popular mode, find that they aren’t getting to play it, and have started their own outcry. Yes, i know that a lot of the complaints arise from Incursion not even being an option when voting for a mode, but the fact remains that a LOT of people have been voting for Capture and Faceoff since they were put back in Quick Match; so much so, that many of the Incursion-only players keep dodging. That doesn’t sound like a small amount of players wanting to play the other modes to me, and so it naturally makes sense that an “all other modes but Incursion” queue would have acceptable wait times. I’d even bet that the wait would be less than the Incursion queue’s, because the matches don’t last as long.

I mostly agree with this, but would add that “loyal fans” wouldn’t extend only to the competitive Incursion players.


You know, I’ve never seen Meltdown/Capture/Faceoff players PROUDLY coming onto the forums and Reddit to talk about how they dodge games like it’s no big deal.

I wouldn’t mind Incursion only players or their requests for an Incursion only queue if only they didn’t come across like the biggest [redacted] in the Battleborn community.


If anyone has any question about what redacted means, I’ll happily use a few choice phrases.

@HandsomeCam and @nbrownlie237 can vouch for my ability to combo things together