PvP Stats for all Characters

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but the stats on characters are grossly “skewed” or just plain incorrect? I’ve noticed it if I’ve played a character since the update.
121 Kill streak for Mellka?
Over 160 enemies hit with hawkeye?

There’s no way this is correct. Not sure if anyone noticed this…?

I’m positive it’s counting NPC kills as part of said streak for some reason, or counting PvE or something. Stats have been skewed since day 1 though since for some reason they decided to count your PvE DEATHS with your PvP Deaths.


Kill streaks are bugged, they add up after every single match. (on main career page it’s correct, at least). I have 245 kill streak with Kleese now…

Maybe it was done in a mission? But it’s too much even if it was done that way.

It might not necessarily be glitched. Of course I know as much as you, so I could be wrong, but it might simply be how it counts the Hawkeyes.

A) It counts one landed hawkeye for each skill use that hit an or multiple enemies.

B) It counts all the rockets landed on an or multiple enemies. I.e with the right helix augment at level 4, you can get 3 hits with one skill use.

C) It counts all enemies hit by a single use of the skill. I.e if you hawkeye in the middle of a full minion wave, you’ll get 5 activations on that rocket.

D) It counts all rockets on all enemies. I.e if you have the right helix augment and hit a full minion wave, you can get 15 activations.

If D is how it counts (which I believe it is due to wvery target being marked and each rocket which triggers a hawkeye plays the characteristic sound when you land them), then it’s highly plausible depending on usage.