PvP Tournament PS4

Looking to get one set up PS4 anyway, just for a bit of fun mainly get the community close together and all that. Let me know if this sounds interesting to anybody. @Ashbweh @FlamesForAll @vagrantsun

This tournament will mainly be for fun, before any time and dates are decided we’ll need to know team names so pm me the team names that will be comfirmed and well try to work something out from there.


I’m all about competitiveness, so it sure does sound interesting !

Great, itll be good to see a couple of teams emerge and see how people react to the draft picks. We had a couple of private matches the other day and it was alot of fun so im optimisitic

I want in, I don’t really have a team, but I am a gun for hire

Well im hoping for at least 8 teams for this tournament

No team but interested

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Maybe you and vegan can start a team?


If you need extra bodies some of the PC comp players have it on PS4 but we don’t’ want to make it unfair/ruin the fun for anyone that wants to get into comp play.

You might also want to post on Reddit if your serious. Filling out the new battleborn tourney form here and having prizes will also motivate people as some people have formed teams in the past just for the skins they sometimes give out just for participating.

If you have any questions regarding rules and what not feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

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I’m willing to bet that Galilea will be banned almost every match. Ghalt in incursion matches.

I’m pumped for competitive play. I’m always in it to win it.

And nobody is going to ban Kelvin right,…right?

We ban Kelvin now… :sob: The CC meta is to OP so Boldur, Gal, Kelvin… almost always banned in every match…

We’ve played like once together, and from what I saw I’d be down for that

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I play a lot of solo queue and know how to carry some lower ranked players. Can’t guarantee a win, but will guarantee a non-stomping

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(sobbing hysterically) But Kelvin never hurt anybody. He’s just trying to make friends. :sob:


Sublimate is just a big hug, I promise

And chomp is just how the kelvites say hello.

I almost always play solo queue. I guess teamwork would be interesting

This is what teamwork looks like.



I was the Boldur. :smiling_imp: