PVP Unbalanced: Levels and Frustration

I’ve been playing Battleborn for a while now and I thoroughly enjoy it. The story, multiplayer, and humor make this game astonishing. Yet, there are some flaws. Mainly with the PVP part.

I am not going to talk about characters that may seem overpowered. Instead, I want to talk about the leveling. In both the beta and the game release I have been seeing this frustrating issue. When I queue for a match and find a match, the levels of the players vary significantly. This doesn’t happen every single time, but it is frequent enough to annoy me.

Sometimes I get matched with a team of low level (1-8) players against a team of levels 25-40. It just seems unfair pairing a level 4 against someone who is 10 times their level. It causes people to disconnect and overall delivers poor gameplay. It works from both perspectives. A new player buys the game and jumps into PVP, unaware of some concepts, and charges in at a level 30 player who is more experienced. A level 40 player may be playing with other high levels and gets paired against a bunch of level 3’s. The high level player doesn’t get a challenge he/she may want and the low level get’s destroyed and may regret getting the game.

Overall, please make the PVP match players with other players of their level. I really like the game, but I don’t want to play when I am placed against someone who is 20 levels above or below me.


Thanks for the feedback.

These are exactly the sorts of dialogue which allow the developers to develop a game towards the right direction.

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Level does not mean someone is good at the game or not. Just means they have more character options. There is skill-based matchmaking in place.

Sure but it doesn’t work. I honestly don’t think in the hundred or so matches I’ve played that one of them has been balanced. One side is always overrun.

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I have seen only a couple of games that were somewhat oke but in the end we still won with more then the half of the enemie score and i feel like isic needs a bit a nerve with his shield skills unless there is a trick too counter them there way too good. I could not take more then his shield down before i had almost no health and had too run but what is needed the most right now is a way too counter an overrun attack from whatever side is getting overrun so your team still gets a chance too take back

Skill-Based matchmaking works for my team and I. I have played 50 games, lost only 2 and I have noticed going up against higher-level players with those more time consuming titles to get and these peoples plays are getting better therefore my matches are getting more difficult.

If you’ve only lost 2 matches it’s not working properly. The closer to 50/50 everyone is, the better match making is.

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Wrong. Most of those wins came down to really close games, a few even went 30 minutes. As well, for the last 25 or so games we have played, I have only played against teams of 3/4/5, I have not played against a team of solo-que randoms in a long time.

If you’ve only lost 2 it’s not working. But whatever, apparently opinions are facts. If you’re always winning, even if the match drags on, it means you’re always being matched with people below your skill level.

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In a month, yes, the closer people are to a 50/50, matchmaking is working. Right now, the game has been out 5 days, that is not nearly enough time for the matchmaking to get enough data about players, etc. But I have already seen it in play and working. It is making better people with higher win percentages play against one another.


I just hopped on battleborn a moment ago to get some evidence. I picked a match, and this is what I got. Not balanced by a long shot. Their average level is at least 10 points higher.

Level is not relative to their win/loss. Just amount of time they have played the game.


-_- alright these forums are useless.

Plus looks to be all randoms to me. Matchmaking SHOULD NOT be built around Account level. It should be based and built around a win/loss system, what skill-based matchmaking is about.

Okay so what you’re saying is if a level 8 has only played five matches, and has won all 5, it’s okay to put them against level 35 players with a 5.0 win loss?

How else is the game supposed to figure out the skill-level of that person behind that account? That level 8 could have been a professional player in CSGO and now has come to Battleborn to play on his off time. How do you know those level 35 players have a 5.0 win/loss ratio.

You are level 42 in that picture, what is your win/loss ratio?

won 64/104 games. Pretty bad but I don’t play with a team so more than half those losses are just super early surrenders.

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60% win rate playing solo is pretty good. Means you are climbing ranks. As well, Account Level is also inflated due to PVE affecting it. We have no idea how many of those 30 levels on the enemy team came from PVE. They may have only 5 PVP games, same as that level 8 therefore placed together.

Regardless, we would’ve been stomped. No one gets to level 30 on PvE. We shouldn’t be considering the possibility that a level 8 is a professional CS GO player. Rank should matter, it shouldn’t dominate the algorithm, but it should affect it in some way. Time played does not equal skill in all cases, but generally, and you have to generalize or else you’ll never have enough data, people who have played more play better.

I’ve won 46/64 games, which is give or take a .72 win/loss ratio, and I always play solo. I’m also only level 20, but I definitely think level is 100% irrelevant, and you should be matched by game performance