Pyre Of stars bug, spoiler in explanation TVHM GAME ENDING BUG

In the region of Pyre of Stats quest while trying to complete the In The Shadows Of Starlight quest, it says follow Typhon (which is checked off) but typhon is unresponsive and it doesn’t allow me to place the object on the first stand and move onto the next checkpoint in quest. I have been stuck here for a few days, have tried restarting game, joining other players matches (with no luck) to try and pass it once their game, and uninstalling the reinstalling. Please I need help! GT on Xbox one is Tutenkhame

Addition: Gearbox please fix this game ending bug!!

I have the same problem and I’m on ps4. Seems no body have this problem so far. Tried everything you mentioned. No luck.
Somebody please help.

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Hopefully they get it fixed quickly, starting to really effect how much I want to play BL3

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I’m having the same problem.