Pyre of the Stars: Eridian Steps Broken

The Eridian Steps which rise from the ground in the Pyre of the Stars on Nekrotafeyo are broken. Visually they all rise up just fine, but upon attempting to jump the steps I found I was able to fall into most of the steps just by standing in them and I was also able to walk through most parts of the steps which helped because I kept getting stuck inside of them. I assume this was not the parkour challenge intended by the dev team. Not a big problem, I was able to make it across after several attempts so it’s not a game breaker, just figured I would do my part and share my story.

You can submit official ticket for that.

That’s interesting. When I get home, I’ll try to reproduce… Seems like we’d have seen this reported earlier.

I’ve fallen through them if I were to start climbing them before the they’re fully raised. Doesn’t always happen. Sometimes they’ll still be solid.