Pyro Pete and Bloodsplosion

I can’t seem to kill Pyro Pete with bloodsplosion, I’m a level 72. I use an infinity to get up to 100 bloodlust stacks and then I use a level 30 slag singularity. The enemies bloodsplode but the most I’ve done to Pete is take his shield down. What am I doing wrong? It must be in the placement of the enemies before I start the bloodsplosion. Any help is greatly appreciated!

There are a bunch of threads and videos on it out there, I would watch and read those.

Two common mistakes, not slagging and bunching them up.

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Believe me, I’ve watched a bunch of videos and it looks simple. So you don’t want the enemies bunched up? I was under the impression that the enemies needed to be near Pete and everything slagged.

Hey mate.

Another thing you may want to do is try to whittle the health down of as many of them as you possibly can.

Bloodsplosion works as a multiplier of overkill damage, and due to that, it helps to heighten the effects of the overkill.

Use weaker slag grenades so that you can control the damage being done to them, then slice them up within an inch of their lives.

I wouldn’t spend too much time actively bothering with getting to that 100 stack, if you are whittling them down with a Moxxi weapon, you should get there naturally. (You’ll easily fire more than 100 consecutive shots on the Spiderants).

It’s weird cause on one video the guy never even fired a single bullet. He summoned Pete, turned both valves slagged everybody, one melee and Pete was dead. I’m gonna keep trying

You don’t want to use a singularity. Grouping of the enemies prevents a chain from happening that makes Bloodsplosion build up Overkill damage. You need the enemies strung out in a line with Pete at the end of it.

Ok so I need a low level slag bouncing betty?

That or use a Slagga.

Well since I don’t have a slagga, I’ll farm for a low level slag bouncing bonny

you could use a slag pimpernel, slag plasma caster, Florentine, slag slow hand, etc…

There are tons of ways to slag.

I slag Pete with a slag slow hand and a low level slag bouncing bonny for the other enemies

How are you starting the chain? With a melee attack or a bullet? You should either use RtB with StV or a rapier to start things off because K does more melee damage than he does bullet damage in most cases. You should also have either a legendary sickle or a scream sickle with +6 StV & +5 EtR on as well.

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I’ve tried bullets and melee. I’m using a crunch class mod that boosts explosive damage by 49% and I know that doesn’t apply to bloodsplosion. The only legendary mod I have for krieg is the one that gives 99% kill skill duration.

Try to get a sickle COM; otherwise you’re going to have trouble…

I could never get the Bloodsplosion going on Pete either- I think I didn’t have them strung out enough and would just melee the spiderants/rats before using RtB- I think I’ll spec back into that and give it another try later…

What’s the advantage of a sickle class mod over just using release the beast?

Sickle mods increase melee damage and empty the rage and silence the voices. Well, scream and legendary do, with the later providing the biggest increase because of fuel the blood.

Well I’ve gotta farm chubby’s for one and that’s a pain by itself

No you don’t. A standard blue or purple Sickle class mod will work just fine. In fact, you’ll get the maximum amount of melee damage using a blue.

So the 500% melee damage from release the beast is not enough melee damage?