Pyro Pete the Invincible is ridiculous


I just got one on my first successful PimpDuuurp run. Not very good parts though. Hyperion, Dahl, Anshin.

As @DeputyChuck suggested, I dropped back into TVHM to get the Pimpernel. Took longer to farm a Slag with Maliwan grip than to do the DLC, but now I have a Lvl 50 set of Pimps with Maliwan grips. :grinning:

Ended up buying the Duuurp from a Torgue machine. Got a decent derp version.

Was a rough start to doing the PimpDuuurp. I’m not used to having a launcher in the main hand and kept blowing myself up because I was too close to structure like columns. The PimpDuuurp part worked great. Was amazing the damage the Pimp did long after the launcher mag was empty.

The 0:3:15 doing the PimpDuuurp works for me Doc. The hard way was good for the experience and the satisfaction of doing it, but not nearly as much fun. Actually, I think the PimpDuuurp is even more fun because of the hard way experience.

The best guide I found for the PimpDuuurp was this one by @Sljm

The Torgue vending machine offered me a derp with a mag of 4 (6 is said to be ideal), a Bandit grip, Vladof exhaust and the 10% dmg. accessory. No Maliwan to add too missile speed so it looked good to go. You get additonal damage with the Torgue exhaust.
It worked good and didn’t take hours of farming. :sunglasses:

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“Not Maliwan” for the sight. Vladof or Tediore are my preferred ones.

Bandit exhaust and Torgue grip are optimal. derp Duuurp! That’s the damage prefix.


Does the sight affect the Pimp? If not, why would it even be a consideration?

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Yes, if you have Maliwan it changes rocket speed, increasing it, i’d say that might mess with the Pimpernel’s split projectiles (similar to Accelerate/Velocity)? The other two suggested ones just alter the Reload Speed or Fire Rate. Purely speculation but that would make some sense as to why “Not Maliwan”.

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yes again

Bandit adds to the mag size, correct. not sure how many. without coms/skills, i think its just plus 1 in the mag.

it does not. it adds a bit of damage tho.

not true. sights play a role. you do not want Maliwan sight on your RL if you’re using it on Sal. Mal sights increase projectile speed. for RL/Pimp’in, thats a no no on Sal. :wink:

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the Man himself showed up. Nice! don’t see you around too much anymore @Sljm always cool to see you drop in. :blush:
Tediore is the sight of choice for me. I should have kept readinig. Sljm ended up saying what i did. i just didn’t get down the thread far enough yet. lol

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So Deep is better than derp (for this purpose)? I never knew this.

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Prefix probably depends on the parts you have? I’m guessing here.
#1 priority is mag size but if you already “maxed out” mag size then damage come second?

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Deep is mag size, i’m guessing, but with FttB and the 86% boost from my TNM COM, i’m thinking i’d achieve the minimum mag size of 12 with a starting magazine of 6 even with a derp Durp. Does FttB get added before the COM boost in the maths? It makes sense that Deep would be better, because it would potentially equate to more damage boost than the flat extra from the damage prefix.

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eeh… sure. yeah.
School start back next week. Right now I’m listening to music and playing games!
Joking apart. Yes, make sense. I guess!

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the point is to maximize the money shot damage. full damage is at mag size of 12 iirc. so you’re looking to get your RL mag size as close to 12 as possible. Deep prefix will add to mag size, combined with bandit exhaust and matching grip(torgue) will give highest mag size. sights don’t play a roll in mag size, just stay away from the maliwan sight. it will cause the bloom effect to be rather large. you want it tight.

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Decided to replace my Durp, current one has Vladof sight, Torgue grip and Tediore exhaust. It’s a shame that this was a Nukem, because it’d have been fine as a purple Durp :frowning:


This is a part of the process that I don’t get. How does the 6 mag size launcher get to 12 so that Money Shot is maximized? When it fires, it only fires 6, I think. My 4 mag Duuurp only seems to fire 4. Probably something I should understand, but am missing. Filled to the Brim doesn’t boost it that much. Where does it come from?

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The magazine size is affected by two things. Filled to the Brim, and a True Neutral Monk class mod. Both combined will make your magazine 12, if you started at 6. You should be leaving your rocket launcher ammo empty, to maximise the damage done with the Pimpernel.

It does depend on having the right parts on your rocket launcher though.


According to the stats in the Gear Calculator, The ProjectileSpeedMultiplier for other sights is (-1.6) and it is (0) for the Maliwan sight. If I’m interpreting that correctly, it’s a significant boost to projectile speed.

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You don’t need True Neutral if you get a high enough level Neutral Evil/Good.

Like I said upstream : Deep with a Torgue grip and Bandit exhaust ; 5/5 in F2tB ; Monk COM will get the mag to 12.

If you’re missing any of that use a Torgue relic with mag size. That way you can go with a damage prefix instead. Also a Leg Berserker will boost F2tB - it won’t boost the mag like a Monk but it works well enough.

That would require testing but I would say yes.

Also, only the Duurp has a barrel that will reduce the bloom of the Pimp. I’ve tried other RLs that have slow rockets (Tunguska, 12 Pounder, Nukem) and they don’t work.

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Maliwan sight ups projectile speed, which pimp orbs inherit.

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You need to crit for Evil to be worth the loss in base damage over True, so that depends on the boss and your aim. Even then it might not because pimp has 100 type a already.

I preferred the consistency of True Neutral with derp prefix. Basically I want the highest base damage possible while having 6 mag.

Also, if your mag is 10 or more, explosive relic should do more than mag size relic. I had the algebra on the old forums, I could work it out again if you guys really want.