Pyro Pete the Invincible is ridiculous


I use the Neutral Evil with my Deputy - so it saves me having to swap gear unnecessarily. I just swap relics from Dep to explosive. I’m aware my DPS isn’t max but when you’re killing OP8 raid bosses in a matter of seconds it doesn’t concern me that I could be shaving that time down. Of course I’m also running a Brawn build - so without NKLO - so I’m losing a ton unless I respec for farming.


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I mean, yeah. Any Duuurp is better than no Duuurp.

As for the math,

  • M$ = 1+(.08 x rank x mag(max12))
  • (1 + (.08 x 11 x 10)) x 1.38 (explosive relic) = 13.52
  • 1 + (.08 x 11 x 12) = 11.56 (mag relic)
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You’re right that True Neutral and some FttB gets you 12 on a derp Duuurp. This is the assembly with the max base damage while having 6 mag:

  • derp prefix (muzzle guard, + damage)
  • Duuurp! (Torgue barrel, - projectile speed)
  • Torgue grip (matching grip bonus to mag)
  • Bandit exhaust (+ mag size)
    • Torgue exhaust with Deep prefix has lower base damage
  • “Not Maliwan” sight

Other coms might want the Deep prefix with Bandit exhaust, like @Jefe with his Deputy setup, but since my main set is Legendary Berserker, I have to switch coms anyway. Go for broke, Torgue machines are simple farms.


Ok, now I see where I screwed up. I had a Chaotic Evil equipped. I swiched to a Neutal Evil and now I’m getting 6 shots instead of 4. Now I’ll have to see if the reduction in dmg is offset by the increase in MoneyShot damage. I also changed the relic to add RL dmg to help offset the reduction from the Com change. I guess at my level (62) a RL mag above 9 is not likely.

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A bit off topic but I think I found my favorite use for the PimpDuuurp.
I went into TTAoDK today to look for a better Monk com. One of my preferred places to farm, usually for the Bee, is the Forest. The Duke of Ork has been a pain for soooo long. The PimpDuuurp obliterated him. Not having to lead him around each time I go there will be wonderful.

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Hyperius is another good PimpDuuurp victim when you get to that point. Never thought I’d have a Norfleet, now I’ve got two(that I’ve never used).

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Sounds like me. After farming him several more times this morning, Hyperius dropped another Norfleet, and they’re all now sitting in my bank. All I want is a decent OP8 Evolution, but he drops Norfleets instead.

Interestingly enough, he’d never dropped any Norfleet at TVHM or earlier OP levels for me.

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That’s odd. I can usually get 5-6 Evolutions. He seems to drop them almost every time. Of course most of them haven’t been great at OP8. I got better ones in the early OP levels.

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Oh he’s been dropping Evolutions. They’ve all just had not so great parts with poor elemental resistance number.


Yeah, he’s at the top of my list.

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After getting Pete’s helmet off with a Trespasser, I use a Slagga to keep him slagged and shock Lady Fist to crit him to death. As long as you’re scoring crits with the Lady Fist, you should drop him pretty easily and wont need to use grenades at all especially if you use an Evil Monk class mod to boost crit damage.