Pyrophobia and Clark the Combusted guy

Yeah. I just was doing this hidden quest on the TK’s HH DLC.
Got a OP6 Plenteous Pyrophobia from him. Watched some videoguides, and all of that guys who were doing this stuff also got one. I know there is also a chance of getting the Hellfire from him (which I got from Sully). Or just was RNGesus again?

How high is the drop rate with this buddy?

Salutations psycho guys.

Pretty high. For me he seems to drop one of each around three to four runs. I’ve never spent more than 5 runs without a legendary. But I guess that’s expected seeing as he’s a hidden boss. Also the fact that he doesn’t drop the greatest legendaries…

I played this HH pack on a friends console since I don’t have the dlc and got the Pyrophobia from him (as well as a Neogenator from the renamed Spycho). Since I got it on the first try I’d say he has a pretty high drop rate- but take it with a grain of salt… :sunglasses: