Q abaut DLC and this FREE?

Hi can someone tell my if I have Handsome Collection do i need to buy it after 08.07 or not ?

I take it you’re referring to the free HC with PS+ offer? If so, you will need to ask the Sony Store as this is their promotion.

I have on PC HC and dont now do need to buy DLC (CLAFFS) after 08,07 or its free

You can get it for free right now, so I’d recommend doing that.

On steam i see its free to 08.07 so we see it be after or not

After that date I have no idea. I’m guessing it’ll become paid content at that point? Like I said, if you want it, get it now.

They said somewhere at E3 that after July 8 it becomes $14.99.

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I could be wrong, but this DLC is not “really” free at all…It is merely free to play for the next 30 days, after that it will cease to work, and you will have to purchase it after July 8th

Not complaining, it’s that the “offer” of a free DLC is a bit of a clickbait.

Pretty sure that is not the case. If it was “free to play” for a limited time, Gearbox would have said that instead of simply saying “free”.

I truly hope you’re right