Q: About today's news (3rd April)

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Just a quick question ref today’s update. They have said on the twitter account to look at the Borderlands.com and youtube page for the information they are updating today April 3rd.

Q: Does anyone know if they are streaming anything today? Or do we just have to wait for a specific time for them to unleash the news upon the world?

Many thanks minions.

EDIT: Already seen the update, new trailer etc :slight_smile:

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There is a leak gameplay footage indicating the release date which is 9/13.

Check the bl3 thread

Here is a copy for easy ref

(…Link broken by PH…)

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Saw that one too. I guess it is legit

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Nooooo…13.09 is so far away. Hope there will be more shown today. Cant wait

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Let’s not post leaks here, please. Official forums and all that.

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Sooo, The April fools day flash post about 9/13 and gold guns was for real. The twitter page has it all over the header. I was looking to install the new BL GotY but don’t see it at the XB store. Then I see on twitter that the release is 7am PST, not quite there yet here in EST.



All it was was the announcement trailer, with the release date. As well as the standard/deluxe/super deluxe/collectors edition available for purchase via borderlands.com

They also said May 1 will showcase some gameplay and other stuff


Gearbox is the best! Jumped on XB at 10:00am EST and there was the new BL GotY and the pre-order for BL3 and the BL3 trailer. Ordered, Pre-Ordered and installed. It feels like Christmas in April!!! :+1: :metal:

Edit: 2K also deserves a kudo :+1: :metal:

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Quick question - are you on XB1 or XB1X? If the former, I’d love to know how the game runs. (I’m assuming it will run better on the XB1X, but that’s not something I can spring for right now.)


On XB 1


I’ll let you know. May be later today before I can pull myself away. :wink: