Q: Special one-time event skins tied to Shift or game platform?

Not sure if I should post this here or in general forum, but it’s about the functionality of Shift account unlocks between Epic/(future)Steam version.

I have BL3 on Epic and I’m going to get it on Steam as well when it’s released.
But I have a question, let’s say there will be events during Epic exlusive that drop/reward special skins, are these skin unlocks tied to my Shift account or my Epic BL3 only?

I know the golden keys can be redeemed for either Steam/Epic, but skins are something different I think? I still regret not getting some special skins from BL2, because the events will never come back, or the keys to redeem them are expired for years.

This time I’d like to be prepared and like to know if skin un locks are bound to Shift account or game platform.

im guessing it will be glued to the platform you earned them on
in addition I don’t think its cross platform if that is the case you will start from scratch on steam