Q-System atlas rifles needs to be nerfed ASAP

How the hell has this broken riflw managed to fly under the radar until now?? It has twice the fire power of an Atlas rifle, thanks to the high damage + 2x projectile, while still costing only a single bullet per projectile… add an artifact that boosts the fire rate of Atlas weapons, and you can pretty much trivialize the game with a purple weapon. This rifle can be stronger than a legendary assault rifle, while it outclasses Vladof and Dahl assault rifles by far!

This rifle needs to have its damage reduced by 40% or so and make the rifle consume 2x ammo per shot. That way, this rifle should be in line with the other non legendary assault rifles and the players won’t trivialize the content by using a common drop weapon that you can find everywhere.


I actually happen to agree tbh, I never used an Atlas weapon really for my entire first playthrough. Now on my TVHM playthrough I just recently decided I would give Atlas weapons another chance because I never really liked any I picked up but it does chunks of damage to enemies. Mine currently has around 1132x2 with tracker grenade that explodes and highlights multiple enemies so I can just spray and pray anywhere and the bullets just magnetise to the enemies.

It is currently one of my best weapons alongside a green Torgue fire pistol, a purple COV radiation heavy and some other random goodish weapons.

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It didn’t fly under the radar until now. They had to buff atlas assault rifles damage a little while ago because they were all garbage.


People have been mentioning the Q system. It is indeed pretty strong, but you’ve finally sold me on it.

The damage doesn’t seem to be that amazing compared to a lot my legendary loadout, so it definitely needs some “science time”. Gonna exploit the hell out of it and see what I can do with it before it gets nerfed.

Is this serious? There’s no pvp so how is it affecting you? If it trivialises the game for you then don’t use it.


I’m not at the point where I feel like it trivialises the game as I only just recently started using mine but its damage is noticable and it feels like a better weapon than some of my other weapons.

The buff that Atlas weapons got in that Hotfix a while back was just a flat 25% increase on all Atlas weapons. The Q system seems to be the most powerful of Atlas weapons at least that I have found and likely should be the only grade of Atlas weapons that needs maybe a 10% damage reduction if it gets a nerf at all.

Based on recent experience I am sure it will get nerfed just as many here have been concerned about. It may never end now that its been so over used.

It is a strong weapon, but a lot of purples have higher damage than many of the legendaries, have you seen a maliwan binary shockwave for example?

However, notice the low firerate and the fact that is non elemental? I still think matching elements with a dahl or vladof will outperform it.

Personally I think the devs need to focus on buffing tediore, their guns have low magazines, low damage, and low firerate compared to other companies.


It shoots 2x times the pellets but its fire rate is roughly half of what other Atlas Rifles can reach. It’s the best version of an atlas rifle but only because it’s so ammo efficient, not because of its dps.


Without nerfs every week to legendarys that would still be purple trash. There are alot of purples stronger then most legendarys now. But go on keep nerfing borderlands already ruined. Have fun playing with the other 10 people still playing.


they lose their luster on mayhem 3 though unless you have modifiers that help their damage. there is no need for a nerf, the only content they melt in is nonmayhem tvhm or nvhm.


lmao try using this gun in mayhem 3 and then say it needs to be nerfed. They need to BUFF the V-system / N-system atlas rifles to give people a reason to use them.


I think the Atlas weapons most in need of a buff are the legendary ones, they have really low base damage.


Noo… It’s Atlas’s only good product… I wouldn’t be surprised if they nerfed it. I just hope that they are gentle. Increasing the ammo cost seems fair. I’ve compared it with a Jakobs Carbine. Both have +300% weapon damage from Phaseslam. They perform about the same.

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Atlas weapons have always been good because of the guaranteed crits with lock-on, 100% accuracy while moving, shoot around cover, etc.

The recent rise in damage made them better.

Then again, if a gun isn’t one-shotting entire mobs or bosses in MM3 it isn’t considered “good”, according to some people around here lol

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Atlas guns are terrible on MM3. They all need buffed FURTHER. Including the one you’re calling OP


929x2, 3.91 rate of fire, no element… how is this outclassing Vladof and Dahl rifles exactly? I would like to know.

Just the top of my head, I have a radiation super shreddifier with chaingun underbarrel so it’s 222x4 at rate of fire of 17. can be in fire, corrosive,etc… Breath of the Dying, I believe is 717, rate of fire of 12, corrosive, explosion on enemy kill.


Why we nerfing an underpowered gun in the end game?


It is obviously really strong in normal mode where non-elemental isn’t punished. But it is less strong in TVHM, where element matching becomes more powerful. Still really good, but I really don’t see why it needs a nerf. It kills mobs well enough, but it isn’t a boss or badass melter for sure. To put into perspective, an Annexed Lyuda does as much on card, has 2x the Fire Rate, a 3x projectile split, and about 30% more crit, and can come in matching elements.


Cause…Gearbox joined the Nerf of the Week Club and got a 2 for one deal on it ???