Q-System atlas rifles needs to be nerfed ASAP

At first I agreed with the original post but then…
That is the question we’re all contemplating- do we want this to be destiny or borderlands? With no pvp, things like this are a joy.


There is no reason to nerf a TVHM M3 underperforming rifle.

It melts decently without any mayhem modifiers but it has a very low fire rite and is non elemental.

If we nerf every gun that’s strong where do we end up? With a sterile, boring, “perfectly balanced” type of E-sports purgatory I don’t want to imagine.

Some guns will outperform others, some guns will be better to use in certain situations, and some guns will be more popular or favored by more players.

It is a single player and co op non competitive loot driven action game with rpg elements. This isn’t Overwatch, Rainbow six, Halo in its heyday, Apex, Fortnite, or any other competitive game.

There are no leaderboards, pvp, or direct competition where someone else’s loadout will put you at a disadvantage. Duels are purely optional and do not reward you with anything that would put you at an advantage over your opponent as well.

The gun is fine.


This is a good gun for levelling up with.
As others have pointed out, in MH3 there are much better alternatives and it does not do very well.

I happen to like the Q system for non-mayhem simply because it is very economical on ammo.


the main reason I stopped playing destiny was all the nerfing of guns and player abilities. I had played it since beta and can’t do it anymore, if borderlands goes the same direction I’ll stop playing it as well. there is no reason for nerfs in a non pvp game. plus, it goes against everything borderlands is as a franchise.


GBX nerfing stuff is one thing, but players ASKING for nerfs in a non pvp game is … I don´t know how to say that politely. Some members of this forum have demonstrated impressive skill with numbers and provided solid arguments as to why they think a weapon/skill(item is OP or not. Just shouting out “this is to much damage” should be written all caps, as it is pretty much Mr. Torgues style of argument.


Jeez I’m so glad forums like these weren’t much of a thing when BL1 came out. Can you imagine how long the Hellfire would have lasted…?


And why would you want to nerf it? Half the legendaries perform just as well or better than the Atlas Q system.

Actually, nearly all purple archetype need a pretty big up to become viable (And I mean viable when they are actually Min Maxed correctly)

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Yes the Atlas ARs are currently very good. I found one with 1100*2 and better accuracy.
Cleared THVM M3 slaughtershaft using only that thing with +50% normal bullets and -50% corro/cryo so basically brute forcing all the armor.

Theres other purples that are equally as- or more powerful than these.

However theres really no reason to nerf them. I think the game greatly benefits from having highroll purples on par with legendaries. Makes the whole loot generation more diverse/interesting.

I have also never seen an Atlas AR that comes with an element which is a HUUUUGE disadvantage.
Soo… overall balance wise, considering all the really broken stuff in the game… these are a non issue.

I absolutely agree the game needs more difficult content tho.


I believe my buddy has a Rebel Yell (legendary Atlas AR) that is elemental.

i was clearly refering to purples (i.e. the purple Q-system to be super specific) - please consider context

Yes I have one of those too and it’s Shock I believe - picked it up yesterday, in fact

It didn’t fly under the radar until now. They had to buff atlas assault rifles damage a little while ago because they were all garbage.

We’re now getting to the point where people are asking for Nerfs for weapons/gear that were buffed because they were initially garbage. Sigh.


Just to be sure, you use this one in tvhm mayhem 3?
I’m wondering if you actually used good builds with legendary weapon combinations at all.

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I actually stopped playing destiny the day commander lilith and fight for sanctuary dropped. I agree though.

I don’t get the BL comunity tbh.

Not to start a fight or insult anyone but…really?
yesterday we where all “GBX BAD!”, “GBX STOP NERFING!” ecc ecc
and today we ASK for nerfs?

i am the guy that usually doesn’t complain about buff or nerfs like most people do.
my view on it is that the game is not ours, we don’t get how things should be or we don’t know how GBX wanted weapons to be. they do.
So my opinion on this topic may be almost useless but why?

Not to say that this is the OPs way to act but: Why getting angry at nerfs and at the same time asking for them in a pve only game? SPECIFICALLY IN BORDERLANDS?


Anyone with half a brain knows it is not op just a decent purple i don see any nerfs for it coming anytime


All min maxed purple should be as efficient as the Q system (Even like this, legendaries would still have an edge)

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That’s why we cannot have nice things…

That’s why I keep my mouth shut if I find something good, because you know someone will call for nerf stick.


Q-System has really good DPS. Most high fire rate assault rifles do less than 500 per shot, elemental weapons doing closer to 300 in damage and elemental damage. This has a middling fire rate but can do upwards of 2k per shot, and can fire from cover. Mine does 1136x2 (or 2272) damage w a fire rate of 3.72/s, giving it a base DPS of about 8452, and can achieve maximum DPS while standing safely behind cover firing around a corner, w a short reload speed of 2s flat every 22 shots. Compare this to a purple Unshippable Pattern Black I happen to have, a multi-rocket launcher, rolled w/ 2 extra projectiles, 2366x6 damage (14196) x 0.77/s fire rate = ~10931 DPS not including splash damage, and needs to be reloaded for 3.6s every 3 volleys. The Cost-Effective Optimized Q-System is not only more efficient than a very good Atlas rocket launcher, but has 1400 shots, or about 63 clips.

I’m really not sure what ppl mean when they say it underperforms in Mayhem either, it doesnt. I started carrying it for stuff like badass rakks but the Q-System has saved my entire ass doing Trial of Fervor and Slaughter Shaft against badass goons, hardened tinks, zealots w rocket launcher spam (consistently returning fire from behind cover is a big deal) and every kind of anointed. When there are just too many CoV badasses to stand toe to toe with, this thing can pick them off from around a corner. It’s non-elemental so it doesnt discriminate against shield, armor or health bars (or all 3), and it works wonders w Fl4k abilities like Two F4ng and Fade Away. In frenetic firefights you dont even need to use the Atlas trackers for most mobs, with a half decent scope it can snipe them pretty easily even w poor accuracy and handling stats.

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It underperform compared to other viable weapon meaning legendaries. The Q System is a pretty good weapon, solid middle for the pack around the weapon that are performing well, but still not in the league of the actual “top item”.

The fact is, other purple weapon should perform as well as the Q System, and not the opposite.