Qhestions, questions, QUESTIONS!

Firing away:

  • Having 4 players (as opposed to solo play) improves the odds of a slot machine?
  • How about chests? (or is it only enemies?)
  • The raid bosses improve (health or dammage) when there are 4 playera instead of one? or are they always supposed to be fought with many people and always have the same stats?
  • Do blood varkids have a better chance to become Vermivorous? They are red and tougher like Vermi after all
  • Is it possible to get a loot midget out of a mail box? I swear I’ve seen one come out of a mail box once. But I’m only 80% sure
  • Do pearlescent weapons have their own loot pool? or are they mixed with legendaries?
  • Can you find pearlescents in vending machines?
  • Unique gear has red text, and you can look it up in the wiki, but what is that white text under the images? Where in the game does it appear?

PS - Another question I forgot: Are Buzzards resistant to fire even if you shoot the pilot?

  1. No. Slot Machines have set chances based on real machines.
  2. No. Loot quality solely depends on a set chance. Multiple people merely increase the chance of badasses appearing which indirectly improves loot quality by giving you more sources. Bosses merely give you more random loot and it doesn’t increase the chances for designated loot at all (which makes everyone farming the bosses or raids by themselves much more effective).
  3. Only health increases with more players. Hyperius and Gee are always set to 4-Player difficulty, hence the glitch, no matter the amount of players.
  4. No, as awesome as that would be. All Varkids have the same chance of entering metamorphosis. More players (or the glitch) increases the chances of that happening.
  5. I would say no as I never saw it happening but this is Borderlands…
  6. Yes and no. Tubbies, LLMs and OMGWTH each have a pool specifically for certain Pearlescents. Tubbies can drop all while LLMs and OMGWTH can only drop the first 8.
    World Drop Pearlescents are more difficult to answer. They are probably merely yet another tier in the loot quality scale so, in theory, every Xth Legendary could be a Pearl but that’s difficult to proof without certain, uhh, “workarounds”. Only the first 8 Pearlsescents can be found as world drops.
  7. Nobody has ever found one yet (likely because they never were actually upgraded with a new world pool)
  8. These are just additional references made by the users based on the red text and do not appear in the game.

I’ve had LM’s jump out of just about every possible loot source, except… mailboxes, round ammo boxes and the small square boxes that usually contain cash. I’ve even had LM’s jump out of toilets and washing machines.

No way! are you 100% sure?

Same here, but no mailboxes. Fridges, ammo crates, rectangular boxes, and dumpsters seem to be their preferred hidey-holes.

Absolutely 100% sure! Two or three times from the washing machine by the vending machines at the start of Sawtooth Cauldron, and the toilet was also in SC, in the area where you fight the buzzards in the “Capture the flags”-mission (or whatever it’s called).

EDIT: I also get them quite often from stalker piles in WEP, and varkid piles in Tundra Express.

Bull****! They cannot spawn from waste piles / pods!! (no offense though, I’m just expressing awe)

Also, does anyone know if buzzards are 100% resistant to fire even if you shoot at the pilot?

I often find a LLM among the cyclone stalkers in the WEP, so it’s possible they do come from there- and I have also had a LLM pop up out of a toilet- surprised the crap out of me… :sunglasses: And yes, the pilots are vulnerable to fire and IIRC they are the buzzard’s crit spot as well…

Wow really? They can spawn from piles? (that’s histerical though, it’s like someone else already pooped them * lol but they weren’t quite well digested).

Also, what is “IIRC”?

(Also note I mean the actual pilot who shares the life bar with the flying thingy, not the drop off marauders, and since the Buzzard is “armored” hence my question)

  • "IIRC’ is net-speak for If I Recall Correctly

Yep, I’ve seen them right at the beginning more than once. I have no idea where they actually came from, but they were there…

I actually had a LLM drop from one of the hanging poop piles from the trees you find when you first enter the WEP, the same area where Mordecai annihilates all the loaders after Bloodwing gets killed…

What about trash / bone piles or bullymong mounds? Can they be there as well? …or the ice sculptures?

The only thing I’m fairly sure of is that loader midgets seem to prefer Hyperion ammo boxes. I don’t think that they can come from the ice sculptures, and I’ve never seen one pop out of a pile of any type.

Thousand Cuts and Sawtooth Cauldron usually have a slightly better chance of spawning LLMs in general, along with the WEP.

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I woke up with a LLM stuck to my beard this morning. Those things are everywhere.


I apologize if this has been addressed, but what “white text” are you referring to? Under which images. On the wiki?

If you are asking about the Wiki and the “special parts” those don’t appear in the game. Those are the parts that make up that particular gun and make it unique from other guns of the same type/classification. Legendaries are considered variants of other classes.

Yep. I’ve had them pop out of stalker goo, even the hanging ones.

No enemy is 100% resistant to anything, but all armored enemies are resistant to fire.

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The Badassasaurus comes too close, tho.

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That damn thing…

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I’m sorry I chose the wrong words, let me rephrase that: do buzzards have any level of resistance to fire when you shoot the pilot? I mean, it makes sense for them to resist fire (a little) because they count as armored enemies. But what if you shoot at the fleshy pilot? is that a way to bypass that fire resistance?