QoL Amara Change Idea

So I know amara is the bizznizz. Her and Moze are the two characters with multiple builds that actually work. (Fl4K and Zane are in a bad spot with one usable build each. Even if Fl4ks is god tier.) but I still think a small QoL change would help her out.

I would like a hotkey to quick switch her elements between the ones she has unlocked. As is, in single player the game pauses when you go into a menu so if you really want to take the time you can switch the element every single time you need to. In multiplayer the game doesn’t pause, but it still only takes 2 or 3 seconds to go in and switch quickly.

If you’re concerned about balance add a 2 or 3 second animation similar to reloading. Amara holds her fists out in front of her and clenches them tighly as you see her current element change to the new one. Hell, give it a 3 second cooldown as well.


I wondered how they would implement this because I think it’s greatly needed as well. I love your idea of the 2-3 second animation. Since she is basically the only one who can choose only one action skill at a time (the closest to BL1, 2, TPS characters) this small change would greatly improve her to the level of the rest of the VH’s

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I had an issue finding your post, and towards the end of writing my own saw it in the suggested posts, so instead of making a new one, just copying what I had to yours.

I totally agree with wanting this to be added. Here is what I had for my post (sorry for any repeated information/idea, again just pasting my post):

For those who have not played her yet, little bit of info. All of her Active Skills do elemental damage. It is one of the things she can change based on her build. It defaults to Shock damage, but Incendiary and Corrosive can be unlocked (5 points into the “Fist of the Elements” and “Brawl” trees, respectively). Depending on how you play, there are skills that play off whatever your current chosen element is (Fist of the Elements has skills that convert bullet damage to the element, for example).

I chose Amara because I enjoy being an elementalist. Picking the right damage type to destroy the enemy. I have all 3 elements unlocked as well (current build: https://borderlands.com/en-US/characters/amara#t="cb__2768336927___p__476948369-5_69544143-5_2421835975-4_466974429-5_335451024-5_1013120097-1_2136538075-3_870613038-3_3314723340-1_1889856087-5_1746620149-5_3380637792-1_2855324264-5___e__89168977-3421632180_1572227138-2784015595_3806476316-3989481719").

The main issue I have at the moment is the time it takes to switch between the elements (mostly an issue in multiplayer, due to skill tree not pausing).

My idea to do this is: Allow holding the Action Skill button (I play on PS4, so L1 by default) to pull up a menu or something where we can pick from which ever we have unlocked. I know it is possible for the game to recognize pressing vs holding (FL4K has his Action Skill for the press, but then if you hold you command your pet to attack).

This idea of extra options when holding a button could also apply to other things (such as switching weapons. Currently the D-Pad is used for marking things, and switching the quests. I like these, but miss using them to swap to a specific weapon. Can add the Press+Hold for say the weapon swap button for changing what the D-Pad does).

That was it for my post. Hopefully others will agree with us, and something can get added. I havent played Moze or Zane yet, so don’t know how something like this could be QOL improvements for them.

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Zane can use it to designate a target for his done, even though by default it doesn’t have a special attack to use like the Fl4k pets.

Not sure on Moze as I haven’t started her yet… But if you use auto bear it would be nice to designate a target while it’s up too. Last thing I would want is to have to jump out in front of a badass that I wasn’t already on the right weapon for just to get a rocket to the face and have auto bear shoot at a rakk or something rediculous…

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This would be great. Maybe hold in the Action Skill button to cycle one direction and hold in the Grenade button to cycle the other.

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Well I’m glad to see a few people liked my suggestion. I like holding the action skill to bring up a selection menu. A small icon next to the reticle, one with fire, one with shock. You are currently on corrosive. Next to the small element icon it shows which button to press to switch to that element.

Yes it’s desperately needed especially with how bad the ECHO lag is on PS4. I don’t care about switching the action skill itself or the augments fast because those being locked in is fine but I hate having to switch the action skill element all the time in a single zone. It wasn’t an issue with Maya because with Helios and Ruin she already did every single elemental damage type with Phaselock, Amara does not.