QoL feature request, loading bars for other players in multiplayer

any chance we could get a feature on the load screen into multiplayer games that shows the loading progress of the other players?


Player 1 =====/=====
Player 2 =======/===
Player 3 ==========/
Player 4 =====/=====

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Definitely would give players more hope and patience during loading as they would be able to know if it is actually progressing rather than assuming that their own game, or someone else’s, has crashed.

Here’s Starcraft 2’s loading as an example:

Also give players a helpful reminder as to what race each person is playing.

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Yep, and keep the chat going during the load screen! Who said the old ways weren’t better. “Dammit, Rat’s stuck again. Somebody get out and help him push” I heard too many times.

That SC2 one looks way better then what we had from WON though.

I learned what hfgl meant back in those loading chats

good times