QOL improvements done right

Thought I’d make a thread about the plenty little improvements that make it a more pleasant experience. BL2 was a fantastic game but it had its fair share of issues, and the more I think about it, the more I appreciate how BL3 addressed them. It fixes so much, it’s clear the developers paid close attention to where BL2 wasn’t ideal. So here’s just a short list of what comes to mind right now, I’m sure I’m forgetting half of it and you’re welcome to add your own.

  • Buying ammo. Painful in BL2, perfect in BL3.
  • Teleporting to any fast travel station from anywhere – no more “quit game and continue” to return to the last fast travel station
  • Teleporting back to your vehicle.
  • Vehicle handling. No more nervous jerking around with your Runner if you’re not extremely careful with the controls.
  • Vehicle controls. I always hated the way they worked in Borderlands, I always wanted controls independent of aiming – BL3 actually lets you choose between 3 different models (key+mouse players: it’s hidden in the controller settings). All thumbs up!
  • Invisible rocks/walls/whatever. In BL2 you’re constantly running into invisible barriers, at points you’re even unable to get over a kerb without jumping. Completely gone. Hallelujah!
  • Colour customisation for player/vehicle skins is back.
  • Buying SDU’s with money. I think this is a good change because now there’s actually something useful to spend money on. In BL2 you just collected money but it was mostly useless.
  • Auto-pickup from loot crates. I’ve longed for this. Thank you!
  • Eridium auto-pickup. Not exactly a game changer, but welcome nonetheless.
  • Your vehicle choice is saved, and it takes only one button press in front of the catch-a-ride station to summon and enter your favourite vehicle. Thank you!
  • 3D maps. Makes it so much easier to find the precise location of what you’re looking for. Remember Magnys Lighthouse with 3 or 4 planes on top of each other that made the map almost useless?
  • No slag. Oh my God thank you!

This is just the stuff right off the top of my head, I’m sure I forgot half of it. Please share what you like. My point is that I really appreciate this attention to detail, it’s far from taken for granted, and I think it deserves acknowledgement.

the “auto pick up” still requires you to be close in order for it to actually pick up the stuff including iridium. the only thing listed above that is an improvement for me are the SDU’s. also, how was buying ammo a problem? spam left click and pass over all the ammo you need.

Another feature that I am thankfor for is the personal pocket Kadala.

Agreed. So many smart changes.

BL2: enter the vendor menu, spam click on everything until it’s full, then leave
BL3: stand in front of it, press one button

In what way is that not a significant improvement?