QOL - Larger Revive Hitbox?

I wish that revive would have a larger revive hitbox, or given priority over floor items. I don’t know how many times I have tried to get a friend up, but instead either reload or pick up a weapon or something on the ground, often resulting in the friend dying because I am in the middle of a reload animation.

Another thing that would be nice would be to stop someone from moving when you start reviving, or move slower, or at least let it be an option in the menu for when you are being revived stop moving so the other person can heal you easier. I know some people most likely use the faster movement at higher levels, but starting off it can be kind of rough, especially with randoms.

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Agree with you about everything, just wanted to say you could melee to cancel any animation.
While we’re talking about revives, has anyone else experienced an AI buddy start reviving you but decide to run away halfway to kill a tink across the room? You’d think they’d prioritize their friend bleeding to death.