QOL: Pets need some QOL changes

So while the pets a bit quieter, it’s still not enough. The jabber still jabbers too much and is too loud. It’s even worse when that annoying pest on Sanctuary is around.

  • Pets need to be quieter and really only need to be vocal when they find something (not a vending machine, ammo crate, ,or my bank) of interest, mainly chests.
  • When I open the chest, or lost loot machine or loot drops, they need to get out of the way. This is especially an issue with the spiderant countess. She has a backside that would bring Sir Mix-a-lot to tears and I usually have to kite her away from my own loot.
  • In fact, all of the pets could be smaller. It’s difficult to see around the jabber when I’m crouched (and again, he seems to always want to stand in my way).
  • Pets need a heel/stay/return command. I’m so tired of my pet running off to engage an group I’m looking to avoid, or alerting them before I can get into position. It’s even worse when my pet suicides into a group of mobs when my build relies on them being alive.
  • Come to think of it, pets aren’t needed on Sanctuary, just make them disappear, or sit quietly by the fast travel.
  • I need a way to dismiss my pet. Why can’t I unequip my pet? Why is my best option for a moment of peace and quiet on Sanctuary, to respec so it goes away?
  • And pets need to have no-collision with players. My pets still bump me or temporarily block me from moving, usually when I’m transitioning from a menu or window. While this is better than before, it’s still annoying and worse with the spiderant. As Tina would say, she’s got badonkadonk for days, or something.
  • Spiderant needs a better movement system. I’ve had so many jump-scares from it just exploding from the surface, for no reason. Plus this puts its attack command on cool-down, which has screwed me in a fight or two. Make it smaller and just have it jump up or down like the other animals do. At the very least, remove the cool-down when self-triggered.

Anywho, this is just my list of QOL changes that would allow me to enjoy Fl4k more. If he had more defenses without the pet, I’d go solo.

EDIT: In the Moxxie DLC, there are certain areas where having a giant spiderant exploding up to the surface is extremely unsettling. No spoilers, but I’m sure you’ll know what I mean if/when you see it. I had to change out my pet just to get through it.