QOL Request: Multi-Queue

While I know it would require a bit of a UI overall for the queues, it’d be super awesome if the devs could make it possible for us to queue for multiple instances all at once then allow matchmaking to resolve which we get into.

I played DCUO for a while and they used that system very effectively. Basically, the queue menu had every possible instance, both PVE and PVP, tabulated in a nice organized window with separate menus for different types of content. Every Mission/Op/PVP Mode/Map has a check box next to it. You tick all the boxes of all the instances you’d like to queue then hit the master queue button and the system puts you in the first that’s full that satisfies your request.


Others have asked for this before and I think Gearbox wants to do it but it will take some time and effort on their part to do so. At the moment they are focused on getting out all of the DLC content from the Season Pass and working on things like a free demo, a multiplayer tutorial and a training dojo (testing area) among other things. Once that is done then if things are in a good place they’ll work on adding multi-queues as well as making other improvements to matchmaking that have been requested before.


As long as they are doing this, they should also look into making it cross platform. Instead of having 3 separate player bases, have 1

that’s a lot bigger than GBX… there have been attempts from sony to work with PC players/XBONE and they’ve yet to be allowed besides a select few games. I agree though

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Microsoft is already implementing PC/XB1 cross-platform into several new games, Gears of War 4 for example. This is what they told about a few months before, and they are working on it. So I think it would be even easier in future with such support.

Yeah, but Battleborn is a relatively teensy game. It won’t be high on the list even if the devs wanted to, while I’d (well, many others) would prefer, I don’t know, an Australian server?
But tbh, this sounds amazing. Cuz I’m fine with either the op, advanced pve, quick match or incursion

This always surprises me. Using DCUO again, I’m pretty sure it’s cross-platform but I could be wrong. At any rate, aside from Console being at a disadvantage with some characters it’d still be nice.

Yea a training dojo would be amazing and needed. Hopefully you can queue with friends to learn some synergy between characters. Would be nice if you can activate gear at any time and all helix choices are available to try out on dummies or any type of enemies. This would definitely help the new people.

Irc jyrith said they wanted to make bb crossplataform in the first development steps but 2k said no, close to launch 2k said yes to xplataform but it was to late.

I dont know if this means is rly expensive to do it right now or it needs a major architectual rebuild.