Qol request - shields that drop anykind of "boosters"

For the love of all things that go BOOOOM!!!

Can we get boosters dropped by shields to be auto pickups.
having to try to click on them, 9/10 times results in a reload.
so we are forced to either switch weapons (due to current having a slow reload)
or sitting there hoping the animation will hurry and end so we can try to pick up
the booster again… now this time only to find it is mixed in with some craptastic wht loot
we were going to ignore, but now have to find in our bags and drop it

also trying to pickup the boosters while having any weapon that is thrown, instead
of being reloaded, just tosses it away, along with any ammo still in it and most of them explode.

i dont use these shields because of this, but i see how they could be fun. sadly until
the boosters become auto-lootable, they are not even worth a second look

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I generally agree with this, but I expect it would have to be matched with reduced effectiveness.

Making the boosters auto-pickup as-is could have the unintended effect of making booster shields the obvious mandatory best in slot shield. For now, booster shields are a niche that adds a gameplay element (which you can min/max: when to pick up the boosters) you may or may not like, contributing to build diversity.

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Not to mention that it can be dangerous to try and pick them up in the middle of a fire fight. I was happy to see Eridium become auto-pickup and it only seems logical for boosters to follow suit.

In my opinion, auto pickup of boosters would be insanely unbalanced, and basically mean immortality…
when the booster is activated, it starts its render in the center of your character, and would instantly trigger pickup. Since auto pickup has a radius to it. So every time a booster is triggered, it would just heal your shield instantly. Boosters have never been auto pick up in earlier games either.

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Yeah, booster shields were always annoying, but now there’s so many of them that it’s worse. It seems like every other shield with decent stats I come across also has some variety of practically useless and often distracting booster.

They would need to reduce the frequency in which the boosters are being dropped first and foremost. Like down to 10% or 15%. Otherwise you’ll be drowned in shield boosters, rendering you nigh unkillable.

I think the issue is that the boosters are not just for you. They are also for your team.

For your second point, that’s battle mate.

If they could easily put some kind of timer on it where it goes Auto pickup after a couple of seconds I think that would be cool.

I have a shield that drops a 100% weapon strength booster but reduces the shield at the same time when you pick it up by a significant amount. So a auto pickup would quickly resolve in mutilation and death :smile: