Qol request - stats tree

Can we get a stat tree tab in the echo so we can see what our stats would be maxed out that also showed how much damage with our equipped weapons.

Showing - max possible dmg, speed, damage ignore chances, ect… that incorporated stats from artifacts, shields, class mods and if we to change the dmg possible variables just click on a weapon showing up in in inventory and the dmg% from class skills and artifacts will add onto it and actually show how much dmg we can output with said weapon.


I would support this but I think a static stats page might be very misleading. There are so many skills and anointments that apply bonuses after various actions that it wouldn’t be that accurate compared to being in combat.

However, if you could have that and an option to show a real time stat HUD while playing…that would be amazing. Imagine if you could select 5 stats from this stats page to be visible like an FPS counter while playing…like crit chance, gun damage, DPS, HPS etc…then while playing you could see in real time how your damage, healing or modifiers changed as you performed various skills in combat.

be difficult given how many variations of skills can be applied as well as variable damage boosts such as how fast zane is moving at any specific time.

i guess we have the option of the target dummy that pretty much covers this point :thinking:

Haven’t played Diablo 3 in a while. Years actually. But they do a much more detailed job on this end and still there is a difference between paper dps and ingame dps.
As much as I would love this, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it …