QOL - Sell All Junk when Auto-filling Ammo & Trading

Sell Junk All Items when Auto-filling Ammo
I would love to be able to sell all of my junk-items while I’m quick-buying ammo. Maybe have this as an option, in case people are concerned that they didn’t mark stuff correctly.

But for me, I end up having to go into the vending machine to sell my junk, then exit to auto-fill my ammo (or auto-fill ammo then go in to sell junk). Regardless, there is an extra step to go into the machine. Tying the two actions together would make it more efficient and faster.

And the Sell All Junk option should be available when approaching the other vending machines, to save time there. In addition it would need to work when you don’t need ammo.

Trading with Players
This seems confusing because while both players will have the option to trade (Holding X on the Xbox), one can only confirm by holding the “character menu” button (view button?). It would be more intuitive to have both players just hold X, as they both have the option regardless of who initiates the trade.